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Where to find the most beautiful flowers in Switzerland

Ever thought of doing a flower tour in Switzerland?

As most people love to visit Switzerland during the winter for the world famous ski slopes and snow fun, many of us forget about the beauty of Switzerland in summer. Therefor many people also do not know of the spectacular flowers all over Switzerland.

When to visit

In my opinion the flower period (spring time) in Switzerland is one of the best times to visit:  Especially if you love hiking or if you’re just looking for a fantastic family holiday.  Between April and June you will find many spots around Switzerland well worth a flowery-visit.  During this time beautiful spring flowers popping up everywhere after the snowy season boldly announces that summer is on its way. 

A flower tour in Switzerland, should definitely include a visit to the Flower Clock.

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Flower Clock - Instagram spot

Geneva, Switzerland is known for their tradition of watch making.  Being called the ‘mother of high-end watchmaking’ it is then just fitting to pay tribute to this honor.  So Geneva created the biggest clock in the world:  And it is made from flowers.

Since 1955 it is a world famous attraction of the city:  Especially as the clock always changes, with new plantings of flowers at different times of the year.  This certainly is one of the most famous Instagram spots worldwide.

Why you need to visit this popular Instagram spot:

Cherry Blossoms in Switzerland

As the ever popular Japan is the favorite spot for cherry tree blossoms, so is Switzerland spectacular during the cherry blossom season.  Weather permitting any time from late March to early May.  With April probably being the best time to go

Popular cherry blossom spots in Switzerland:

Fricktaler Chriesiwäg

  • For beautiful blossoms and a family friendly hike, Chriesiwäg is perfect. It is easily accessible from Zurich. They have a 5 km circular route (clearly marked trail) which takes approx. 2 hours, or you can do the longer 9 km trail which takes approx. 4 hours).  Either way it is an easy walk for the whole family.  The starting point is at the parish hall of Gipf-Oberfrick.  Here you can find orientation cards and flyers with the necessary map.  Then you’re off to the beautiful lush green fields, spotted with small yellow flowers and white cherry tree blossoms everywhere.
    1. Travel tips:
      • In summer the trees are clearly marked for visitors and locals to taste the cherries directly from the trees.
      • The longer alternative leads past the Alt Tierstein ruins.
      • Best time (weather permitting) is between April and May.
      • Remember: Comfortable shoes and bring a picnic with you (Always remember to leave your picnic area clean).

Nuglar-St. Pantaleon

  • This is one of the most beautiful cherry tree blossom hikes. Lush green landscapes filled with “soft spots” of white flowering cherry trees.  But not only in spring time is this a beautiful trip to do.  Autumn is just as beautiful in this region with the pretty autumn cherry tree leaves.
    1. Chirsiweg is a hike through the villages of Nuglar and St. Pantaleon. This circular route takes approx. 2 hours (depending on how many “stops” you make along the way.)  The starting point for your walk could be either Nuglar or St. Pantaleon – it is entirely your choice.
    2. This route offers 10 000 cherry trees. You can buy the cherries from these trees during June and July.
    3. Travel tips:
      • Best time (weather permitting) is between April and May.
      • Along this hike you will find a few nice restaurants to stop at:
        • Restaurant Brauerei altebrennerei –
        • Restaurant Schwarzbueb | Tel. 061 911 12 44
        • Restaurant Rebstock | Tel. 061 911 04 76
        • Restaurant Morand | Tel. 061 911 04 14
  • While in the area, visit:  The medieval Church of Saint Pantaleon,
  • Lausanne: Everyone will tell you there are beautiful cherry tree blossoms from March to April in Lausanne, Switzerland.  (Where to look:  Behind the Mon-Repos swimming hall and next to the Mon-Repos park.)  But Lausanne is also a beautiful spring destination for its vineyards.  Take your time when visiting.
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Morges in Switzerland - Another Flower Destination

The Tulip Festival

If you love tulips and you’ve probably already visited the beautiful flower markets of Holland and the gardens of Keukenhof … then definitely do a trip to the Tulip Festival in Switzerland.

Experience a unique festival of flowers.

The Tulip Festival which takes place each year in Morges, Switzerland (known as the “Fête de la Tulipe”) was founded in 1971.  Every year it takes place in the Parc de l’Indépendance at Lake Geneva in Morges and it is definitely worth a visit.  The festival usually lasts for about 7 weeks from mid-March / April to early May (always check with the local Tourist Information Centre for updated info) and the admission is free. Beautiful parks filled with tulips in all colors:  A wonderful experience of approx. 145,000 tulips and around 275 different varieties.

Travel Tips: 

  • The Gardens of Vullierens Castle present a fabulous collection of irises and lilies.
  • A visit to the Arboretum of the Vallon de l’Aubonne, a botanical garden of nearly 200 hectares of forests and meadows, is a must. (Offering magnolias, dogwoods, hydrangeas and autumn colors in maples throughout the year.
  • From August to October Morges also offers spectacular dahlias. The Igor-Stravinsky quay, between the Temple and the Parc de Vertou is also known as the ‘Dahlia Promenade’.  More than half a kilometer of more than 2000 dahlias planted along Lake Geneva. 

Spectacular fields of dandelions, daffodils and more

  • Les Pléiades Mountains – Here you will find slopes of white flowers between May and June with beautiful vistas overlooking Lake Geneva.
  • Vue des Alpes, a mountain pass in the Jura Mountains is so called for its actual “view of the Alps”. The Tête de Ran is a mountain of the Jura, located south-west of the Vue des Alpes in the canton of Neuchâtel.  It is here that you will find from late April to May, impressive slopes of yellow flowering yellow Daffodils (Narcissus).
  • Eclepens – Hiking through the woods with a carpet of flowers below the trees is amazing and many of us only dream of something like this. During March and April a visit to Eclépens will reward you with flowering daffodils as you walk along the Entreroches Canal.  Along the way you will reach a forest with daffodil flower carpets underneath the trees.  This is definitely worth a visit.
  • Rämisgummen is beautiful during April when the crocuses flower in white and purple splendor. Rämisgummenhoger (Rämisgummen hill) is a beautiful viewpoint.

Wild Flowers and Alpine meadows

For the more adventurous, a hike up to the Engstligenalp waterfall (in the canton of Bern) in Adelboden, during June will reward you with beautiful flowers and a stunning waterfall.

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More spectacular fruit tree blossoms

Altnau (in the canton of Thurgau)

Visit the rolling hills of apple blossoms in April and May.

  • The Altnauer Apple Trail has 3 routes and each route has its own Apple Mascot (Lisi, Emma and Fredi).
  • These Family-friendly trails have information boards and varied interactive stations. You can do it on foot, by bike or with horse-drawn coach.  It is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs and offers Geocaching.

‘The start point for the Altnauer Apple Trail is at the foot of the village, just 500 meters from the station. The regional Thurbo train arrives once every half an hour from Schaffhausen, Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn and St. Gallen. Visitors from Kreuzlingen can reach Altnau in half an hour with the Postauto, line 923. Regular ferry services from Romanshorn, Kreuzlingen, Immenstaad and Hagnau moor at Lake Constance’s longest jetty. From here, signposts direct you to the start of the Apple Trail. For those who prefer to come by car, there are (paid) parking spots by the train station or the harbor.’  Thurgau-bodensee

  • Stop at Altnau’s farm shops for apple products and do a bike-trail while you’re there.

It might be strange to mention this, but it is truly so beautiful, that I cannot end this tour without just mentioning this to you.  The Lauterbrunnen Cemetery is so beautiful and locals take pride in keeping it this way:

The Cemeteries in Switzerland in general are kept neat and tidy with flowers everywhere.  You might want to plan your trip to Lauterbrunnen and other beautiful Swiss destinations.

Lauterbrunnen cemetery

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