You haven't been to Thailand unless...

…you’ve done something that is on many people’s bucket lists.  Traveling to Thailand you just have to visit the floating markets of Bangkok, as they are called.)

Let's visit the floating market of Bangkok

So what is the number 1, bucket list item you just have to do when visiting Thailand?

As we all know it is not always safe or best for your body to eat strange food in strange places…  Or for that matter sometimes perfect-looking food in perfect-looking places… As your tummy might not agree with what you’ve chosen.

Having said that, I always advise people to experience the culture through food.  Eat what the locals eat and explore the culinary treasures of a country.  

So where am I going with this?  The other thing I always advise all travelers asking for top travel tips is:  Always visit the local food markets.

Damnoen Floating Market

Eating food in a foreign country

Although you’ll often be warned not to eat street food, you can always “stay safe” by ordering and eating as a “vegetarian”.  Stick to the fruit and vegetables of the country.  You’ll find fabulously different fruit and interesting new and different ways of preparing vegetables when traveling.

One of the best ways to buy fruit and vegetables (amongst other things), is the floating markets of Bangkok.

3 of the Best Floating Markets in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market located in Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, is about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok in Thailand. It is considered the most famous floating market and is well worth a visit.   (The biggest floating market in Thailand.)
  • Amphawa Floating Market in the Amphawa District of Samut Songkhram Province is located along the Mae Klong river. Amphawa district is about 90 km away from Bangkok.  It is a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.
  • Taling Chan Floating Market is about 12 km from downtown Bangkok. There is also a  large local market attached to it, but it is not as big as Damnoen or Amphawa. 
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Exploring the floating markets of Bangkok

You’ll find about 17 different floating markets in Thailand.  This is the oldest and traditional way of selling goods.

Visiting these markets on your own can be quite intimidating.  We really suggest booking with a trusted tour operator.  This will help you understand more of what is going on around you. 

You won’t feel lost and you’ll know what the best things are to look out for.  Inside info sharing during this trip was for me the value added when booking with the links below. 

Going on my own was definitely not an option.

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