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Holiday activities that keep you and your family healthy

We all know it is important to look after your health.  Daily we are bombarded with information on healthy eating and healthy living, but what to do when you go on holiday?  Here are a few easy family healthy holiday ideas.

beach running

Running on the beach, beach volleyball, going to the hotel gym, are all good ideas, but lets look at a few other ideas...

horse riding

Horse riding

Usually this is not the most expensive holiday activity and most riding arms are geared to entertain the whole family.  Saddle up and explore on horseback.  You don’t have to be an experienced horse rider.  We had many fun days just going out with very friendly horses and a guide that knows how to entertain with laughs.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can get hooked on this sport.

TIPS:  I think the best place to go for a horse back holiday, is the USA, as the cowboy tradition still lives on in Northern America with its wide open spaces. Horse riding holidays and horseback tours are still very popular.  Experience the cowboy life and the genuine hospitality of working ranches.

Beach Yoga

Start your day relaxing on the beach in a meditative state with the sound of the waves and seagulls.  Another option is to end your day in the calm of a beautiful sunset yoga on the beach.  Meditation is a part of yoga, which deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Studies have found that it helps to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.

TIPS:  Combine your yoga experience with something that is meaningful.  Read more about Beach Yoga Chicago which is a branch of Yoga Gardens a not for profit organization.  However if you are experienced at yoga, it is as easy as picking the right spot on the beach and enjoying your early morning start.



You can either opt for a holiday activity for experienced cyclists or you can do the family option, where anyone could be a beginner.  All you need, is to be able to ride a bike.  Some venues have the most amazing country excursions.  You can select from mountain biking with stunning vistas to easy country lanes along picture perfect flower meadows. 

TIPSCycling in Europe is easy and available everywhere.  In my opinion this is a fantastic way to explore any small town you visit in Europe.  With the option to use E-bike, it makes the whole experience much easier.  Save money on public transport and grab those bicycles.  In some towns, due to the narrow lanes, it is actually also just a lot easier to get around with.  I am thinking that you would love cycling in countries like Denmark, Norway, Japan and the Netherlands which are all bicycle friendly.


Segway tours

It might sound like the “easy option out from exercising” but actually it is more about the “getting out into fresh air.  Just spending time outdoors are better than slouching on the sofa.

TIPS:  Many tours offer the option to include a picnic along the way.  While making your booking and including the picnic idea ask them to make healthy choices on the food and drink selections.  Usually they are very accommodating towards people with special dietary requirements.  Spier Wine Estate in South Africa for example have beautiful tours available in the vineyards and they give you time to get use to the Segway before going out on the farm.  

hiking switzerland


Sounds like work or sounding like it might be too difficult?  Not at all.  For the inexperienced hiker or family hikers there are many options available that takes you down the “easier road”.  The definition of Hiking:  The activity of going for long walks, especially across country.  In my opinion perfect for a family healthy holiday.

TIPS:  “Hiking” can be as simple as arranging to walk through an olive grove in Spain, or taking a long walk somewhere on your favorite beach.  Does the option to hike in the Amalfi coast sound appealing?  The road between Amalfi (the village) and Sorrento in Italy is one of Europe’s most beautiful paths and you will love the scenery.  In my opinion you do not get better hiking options anywhere in the world than in Switzerland.  Some of the paths look terrifying for a beginner, but believe me the very young and even the more mature traveler, will find paths that is just amazing and rather easy to accomplish.

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