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Holm Oak

This garden spot, nestled among the Holm Oak trees at Villa Il Balbianello in Lenno, Lombardy, Italy, is an enchanting and romantic rendezvous point.

This is Europe...

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Summer Vacation Ideas

Explore France, the country of Love!

The best time to visit France is during spring (April-May), summer (June-August), or autumn (September-October).


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Unique dining at “Le Petit Chef”

Address: 33 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 02100 Saint-Quentin, France

“Le Petit Chef” with an address at 33 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 02100 Saint-Quentin, is a unique and innovative dining experience that combines culinary artistry with technology to create an unforgettable meal. Upon entering the restaurant, guests are seated at their tables and presented with an intriguing setup.

As guests wait for their food to be prepared and served, they are delighted by the appearance of the smallest chef in the world. This tiny virtual chef comes to life through the holographic projection and interacts with the diners in a captivating way. The projection system uses intricate visual effects and precise animations to make it appear as if the charming mini chef is virtually cooking and preparing dishes right on the table!

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Recent Travel Updates

Porto River Afternoon

Most Affordable European Holiday Destinations

accommodation in Lofoten sea view cabins

Island Holidays with Continuous Sun for 2 Months

One archipelago in  Norway has often taken the crown as the "most beautiful" due to its particularly exceptional beauty, cultural heritage, and quaint villages. With two months of no darkness, light can be an issue or a blessing, depending on the experience tourists want to have when visiting the archipelago. Lofoten Islands is a unique and exceptional holiday destination, worth being on your bucket list.

Plaza de España in Seville Spain things to do and places to see the best

UK Tourists needs extra documentation to enter the EU

And the list is:

  • Proof of a return or onward ticket.
  • Enough money for your stay in the EU.
  • More...
Icelands geysers Northern Iceland volcanic lake called Mvatn. near Reykjahl min

World's safest country

Iceland topped the 2023 Global Peace Index as the world's safest country for holidays. Iceland offers a diverse range of natural wonders, including magnificent waterfalls, black sand beaches, and hot springs, making it a truly remarkable destination. However, dress warmly. Iceland was followed by Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, and in the 5th spot, Austria.

Albania tropical paradise best beached saranda ksamil dhermi travel guide min

Albania's Hidden Gem status

This hidden gem in Europe is growing fast! Starting this upcoming European winter season, new flights will run from Tirana (Albania's capital city) to Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool (UK), Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), and Krakow (Poland). 

Albania is the most economical tropical getaway you'll find!

Travel Tip(s)
Fat Cat slip on light weight sneakers to wear when going through airport security, casual shoes for travel

What shoes to wear at airport security

Wearing wedges when going through airport security almost certainly ends up in having to take your shoes off. Wedges are seen as a suspicious area to hide items. And if you want to move through security faster, and not hold up the travelers behind you, wear slip-on sneakers or trainers with zips. I absolutely adore the Fat Cat slip-on sneakers because they are comfy, and lightweight, with no laces, no zips, and they fit almost any color I wear!

The Top 10 Destinations That Brits Love To Visit

  • Spain: It’s no secret that Brits love to soak up the sun in Spain. From the beaches of the Costa del Sol to the cultural delights of Barcelona, there’s something for everyone.

  • France: Our neighbors across the channel have always been a popular destination for Brits. The stunning countryside, charming towns, and exquisite cuisine make it hard to resist.

  • Italy: Italy’s gorgeous cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, as well as its breathtaking countryside, have made it a favorite among Brits for years.

  • Portugal: With its picturesque coastline, quaint villages, and delicious seafood, Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for British travelers.

  • Greece: From the stunning beaches of the Greek Islands to the ancient wonders of Athens, Greece is a holiday destination that Brits just can’t get enough of.

  • Turkiye: With its mix of ancient history, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture, Turkey has become a favorite destination for Brits looking for a unique holiday experience.

  • USA: From the bright lights of New York City to the stunning natural beauty of Yosemite National Park, the USA offers a vast range of holiday experiences for Brits.

  • Caribbean: With its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and laid-back atmosphere, the Caribbean is a dream holiday destination for many Brits.

  • Thailand: With its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and fascinating culture, Thailand is an increasingly popular destination for adventurous British travelers.

  • Dubai: This modern metropolis in the United Arab Emirates has become a favorite holiday destination for Brits looking for a mix of luxury, culture, and sunshine.

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Travel Tip(s)

Scan for seasonal deals before booking your stay.

If you have a bar fridge in your hotel room, check with reception whether the content is on the house, or pay as you use.

English Speaking Countries In Europe

Interesting & Fun Facts About Europe

Alantic Puffins in Iceland

Westfjords, Iceland

Europe is full of surprises. Like, Iceland which is the breeding home of approximately 60% of the world’s Atlantic Puffins.

cirencester, uk, interior

Cirencester, London

The St John Baptist Church lies 80 miles west of London.
Cirencester, on the River Churn, is the capital and the largest town of the Cotswold.

Lovely market town. Fascinating history.

Cefalu is known for its th century Norman cathedral Sicily

Cefalù, In Northern Sicily

Cefalù is known for its 12th century Norman cathedral, a fortress-like structure with Byzantine mosaics and soaring twin towers.


Portofino, Italy

Christ of the Abyss is a 2.50 meters bronze statue of Jesus Christ, by Guido Galletti, submerged underwater near Portofino. A must for adventure seekers and scuba divers!

Carinthia, Austria

Known as the “Land of Lakes”, Carinthia has no less than 1,200 lakes! The three largest lakes are Lake Wörth,  Lake Millstatt, and Lake Ossiach.

tram, romania, city

Oradea, Romania

In this city (in the Transylvania region), you’ll never be alone. There is a table and friends waiting for you!

torquay, devon, england

Torquay, Devon, UK

In this seaside resort, you’ll find Torre Abbey, a monastery founded in 1196. The abbey has an extensive garden display with plants from local writer Agatha Christie’s novels.

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