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Enna in Sicily is a very special place with breathtaking natural beauty and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

This almost hidden or forgotten city in Italy offers stunning views and I really think you can place Enna on your Travel Bucket-list.  The province of Enna, almost exactly in the middle of Sicily, is definitely worth a stop if you travel to Italy.

Here is how describe Enna:  “If you’re trying to escape the tourist crowd, and breath some fresh mountain air, Enna is your best choice in Sicily. Situated on a high hill towering around the countryside 931 meters above sea level in a strategic position, Enna is famous for being the tallest capital in Italy. On the highest point of this city lies the fortified Lombardia Castle that holds the theater that is the closest to the stars!

Thanks to its location in the heart of Sicily and its scenic beauty Enna is considered as Belvedere (panoramic viewpoint) and ombelico (belly button). It is the only province in Sicily that does not confine with the sea but has lakes instead as its water source.

What makes Enna different from other Sicilian coastal cities is that here you can find less chaos, clean streets and therefore a well preserved historic appearance. The layout of the narrow streets in the historic centre give a medieval feel to this city and the archeological sites are a testimony of the Greek and Roman period.

Ultimately, Enna’s economy is essentially based on agriculture so you can be assured that you will be eating delicious fresh food when you visit!”

Why you should visit Enna in Sicily Italy

Travel Trivia

Did you know that Enna was known as Castrogiovanni until 1926?  At 931 m (3,054 ft) above sea level, Enna is also the highest Italian provincial capital.

Best time to visit and what Sicily is famous for

  • Their Greek Temples in the “Valley of the Temples”
  • Mount Etna – the most active volcano in the world 
  • Sicily is the biggest island of Italy
  • Sicilian cuisine is famous and this is something you must definitely take time to experience.

The best time to visit Enna Sicily is between May and October.  You should have lovely weather then with little chance of rain.  Average temperatures are between 18 and 30 ˚C.

Gagliano Castelferrato Enna
Gagliano Castel Ferrato in the province of Enna (Photo Credits:  Sicily) – Which hosts the Sagra della Mostarda (24-25 October), food festival.

Things to do in and around Enna

As Palermo is the capital of Sicily, I would definitely recommend that you spend a day or two in Palermo and because it is only a 10 minute drive from Palermo, you might also want to visit Mondello and then the tourist town of Cefalu

Photos below:  Palermo
Enna 4
Enna 5
  • A tour to Mount Etna (The Famous Volcano):  Although I would be very scared, it simply is a must. 
  • Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Geopark 
  • Book a local street food and history tour to get more of the local cuisine
  • A definite must-see: The Cathedral of Enna in Sicily. This beautiful gothic Cathedral is located at Piazza Duomo, 1, 94100 Enna EN, Italy
  • Palazzo Pollicarini is a historical landmark located in via Roma in Enna.  This noble and fortified residence dates back to the 16th century.
  • Visit the Tower of Enna (Torre di Federico II) with its beautiful views and learn more about its history.
  • Castello di Lombardìa (Lombardy Castle) is one of the largest castles in Italy.
  • Lake Pergusa is situated, about 5 km from Enna and is a beautiful place to stop.
  • And if you’re a Formula 1 motorsport fan,  you just have to stop at one of the  most important racing tracks of Southern Italy, the Autodromo di Pergusa. As the host of many international racing events, such as Formula OneFormula 3000, and a Ferrari Festival, this was also a place where the famous Michael Schumacher once raced.
  • Explore the ancient Rock Village (Vallone Canalotto, Contrada Buonriposo)
  • Photo opportunities at the Sperlinga Castle.  

The name Sperlinga comes from the Greek “Speloca”, which means grotto or cave. The medieval Sperlinga Castle was built inside and on a sandstone rock. Towering over the village of Sperlinga, in the province of Enna.

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina, a commune in the province of Enna.  It is a 37 minute drive (31.3 km) from Enna and is famous for its Roman villa with its ancient but still beautiful mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale.  The village has amazing architecture which dates back to  the 18th century.

Each year the annual Palio dei Normanni, a re-enactment of the entrance of the Norman Count Roger I into the city takes place on 12–14 August, in Piazza Armerina.

Getting there is easy as you can take a bus from Enna, Caltagirone, Catania or Palermo if you don’t have a car.

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Where to stay

… in Enna Sicily

I really like the idea to experience the culture of a town by staying in a hotel that displays this.  In Enna you will find beautiful places to stay.  Some with beautiful views and who can say no to starting a day like this? Obviously there are many options.

Undoubtedly, Sicily is lovely.  Clearly Enna is special…

International airport

The main airports in Sicily are Palermo (PMO) and Catania (CTA).

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Book ‘n City Walking Tour – The best way to explore:  Safe and Easy.

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