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Discover Dubrovnik - known as the Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik as described by George Bernard Shaw:  “If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik.

Overlooking the calm blue Adriatic sea coastline in the extreme south of Croatia, as per Lord Byron, Dubrovnik truly is the “pearl of the Adriatic”.

Dubrovnik Croatia City Panorama

Best time to go

June to August are the European summer school holidays and it is peak season. If you are prepared to travel during April and May (Spring season), it will be less crowded.  The evenings could be quite cold. Usually, the weather is still nice and warm in September and it is also less crowded. 


Dubrovnik Croatia Kings Landing City Town Sea Old

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Construction of the basilica in Roman Baroque architecture started in 1673. The building project finished in 1713.

Cathedral Dubrovnik Croatia Velika Gospa Church

Dubrovnik’s amazing survival story

The once Renaissance styled city was rebuilt after the 1667 earthquake in predominantly baroque style.

After severe bombing from October 1991 to June 1992 by the Yugoslav forces the UNESCO site city was once again reconstructed.  The Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, St Blaise’s Church, Franciscan Monastery and Onofrio fountain were most hit. When you head over to Ivo Grbić Art you will see first-hand the most outstanding photographs of the effect of the bombing. Also, at the Museum of the Croatian War of Independence, you’ll find plenty of historic information about these years of turmoil.

Today, Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist resorts of the Mediterranean flanked with crystal clear blue sea around it.

Dubrovnik Beach Castle

FREE activities – experience Dubrovnik’s beating heart

Walk the city walls

To begin with, a walk of the city walls is the ultimate introduction to Dubrovnik. The walls are about 1,940 meters in length, surrounding most of Dubrovnik punctuated with turrets, towers, and gates. Generally, it will take you approximately two hours excluding the stops along the way for photo opportunities of the ocean view, Old Town, Minceta Tower, and so on.

Wear comfortable shoes and a hat and don’t neglect to put on sunscreen lotion as protection against the UV-rays.

Dubrovnik Croatia Summer Time Travel Panoramic

Grad Market

For local produce, crafts and candies head on to the pulsing Grad Market. 


Wander along Stradun which is Dubrovnik’s main street and a thoroughfare through the Old Town where Star Wars Episode IX was filmed.

The Old Town has plenty of narrow streets with a wide range of shops and little restaurants.

Also, walk up the stairs because most of them are leading to the most picturesque residential areas.

Dubrovnik Stradun Croatia City Architecture

Clara Stones Jewelry

Clara Stones is located at Nalješkovićeva ul. 3. At this unique jewelry shop, you may get a short presentation of the area’s red Adriatic coral. Also the area’s signature-treasure. What’s more, it is an ideal place to shop for something memorable in years to come. 

Photo credits: Clara Stones

Beach relaxation

The rugged Danče or scenic Šulić are favorite beaches amongst the locals. Also, Buža – a popular diving spot.

Dubrovnik Clara Stones 001

Step into the Game of Thrones

As with so many sweet spots in Dubrovnik, the ancient  Fort Lovrijenac is the film location for Game of Thrones. Similarly, scenes were filmed at St. Dominika Street (location of Cersei’s walk of shame), Littlefinger’s brothel at the Ethnographic Museum, Minceta Tower (the House of the Undying), Walk of Shame stairs beneath the Jesuit Church,  and Pile Bay (Blackwater Bay where Jon Snow bid his historic farewell to the Starks). The orange terracotta tiled roofs were used for shots of King’s Landing.

Gornji Ugao Tower

By the way, when you’re at Minceta Tower tour the excavated 16th-century canon foundry (now a museum), discovered under Minčeta Tower in Gornji Ugao (Upper Tower). 

Go hiking 

For a great view of the Old Town’s terracotta roofs (King’s Landing) 413 meters below, join a guided tour to the very top of Srdj Mountain.

You will be rewarded with panoramic views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands. For instance, Elafiti.

Also, you get to see the Museum of the Croatian War for Independence housed in a 19th-century military fort.

By the way, wear comfortable hiking shoes because the 9 km trail is quite rocky at places.

By the way, wear comfortable hiking shoes because the 9 km trail is quite rocky at places.

Cable car

Get a bird’s eye view of Dubrovnik and take the cable car at sunset for a spectacular view. Check the timetable and prices ahead of time.

Whatever the temperature, bear in mind it will be about two degrees cooler at the top, so dress accordingly.

For the more adventurous the cable car excursion can be combined with hiking, or go on a safari!

Day trip ideas

  • Going to Korcula island is another favorite of mine and an absolute must. It’s the birthplace of Marco Polo and a real gem.
  • Take a short ferry ride to Lokrum Island with its peacocks, large rabbits, and beautiful gardens. Alternatively. seat yourself on the Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne at the Benedictine Monastery.
  • Visit another country! Yes, do a day trip to Kotor in Montenegro. Spending two to three days in Kotor is not a bad idea if you have time on your side.
  • Visit yet another country! Spend a day in the charming old town of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. There are two places you must see. Namely, the fairytale bridge and the Kravica waterfall.
Gradska Arsenal Restaurant Dubrovnik
Photo Credits: Gradska Arsenal Restaurant Dubrovnik
  • Earlier I mentioned the cable car. When you get to the top, the Panorama Restaurant & Bar is worth reserving a table. Ask for one with a city view. It’s a great dinner-at-sunset setting and their food and service may want you to make another reservation for later during your stay at Dubrovnik.
  • Fine dining Michelin-star Restaurant 360° closes for the winter season. Check their website for opening times. Usually, the open toward the end of March.
  • You will struggle to find more delicious meat and cheese platters than at D’Vino Wine Bar. A definite must!
  • Another favorite of mine is the Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant. No matter when you go, ask for a front-row seat. Go for morning coffee and breakfast while enjoying the view of Sponza Palace. Likewise, enjoy an afternoon treat of the local dessert, Torta od Skorupa. Namely, a cake of cream and almonds once prepared only by nuns on special occasions.
  • Buffet Škola makes the yummiest prosciutto and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread.
  • Restaurant Kopun is known for its sixteenth-century recipe castrated rooster (capon) with orange marmalade and dried fruits.
  • If you’re into seafood such as prawns or as a mid-day octopus burger, go to Barba.

As a rule, when you travel out of peak season, find out ahead of time whether the restaurants are open.

Plan your trip to Dubrovnik

Nearest airport

Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV), sometimes referred to as Čilipi Airport, is about 30 minutes from town. 

Other transport

Alternatively, from Split and many of the islands, you can catch a ferry into Gruž Harbour. Also the location of Dubrovnik’s main bus station.

Where to Stay

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

The 5-star Sun Gardens Dubrovnik member of The Leading Hotels of the World, offers panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and Elaphiti Islands.

TUI BLUE Kalamota Island - All Inclusive

Only 25 minutes by regular ferry boat from Dubrovnik, TUI BLUE Kalamota Island – All Inclusive is located on Kolocep Island and the island is a haven of peace and unspoiled natural beauty.

The island is free of cars and the hotel is surrounded by lush tropical palm, orange and olive trees and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Facing the picturesque mountains of the mainland, it is the ideal place to find peace and relaxation.

My personal recommendation is the Palace Hotel because of its splendid setting. The great food and excellent service matched up to my expectations. On days when the weather is not so good, the setting and facilities make up for it. I loved our private balcony. It’s worth it.

Alternatively, use the map below to find a place to stay.