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Dikhololo, I do believe it’s time to escape...

“Dikhololo” in Setswana refers to a sturdy antelope called Klipspringer (rock jumper). They grow up to about 43–60 cm (17–24 in) and weighs between 8 and 18 kg (18 to 40 lb). The Klipspringers are of course present at Dikhololo Game Reserve, or in short Dikhololo. They can jump up to 3 to 3.6 m straight up in the air. Usually, they are active at night.  They live singly or in life-long monogamous relationships – in which pairs spend most of their time within a few meters of each other. As their name indicates, they move fast with their amazing jumping ability. Count yourself lucky when you spot one!

Klipspringer Dikhololo Brits South Africa North West Province Game Drive
Dikhololo Game Reserve Northwest Province South Africa
Weekend Getaway

The nearest airport to Dikhololo is Lanseria Airport (85 km away). Dikhololo is about two hours by car from Johannesburg, thus an ideal weekend getaway. If you come from Pretoria, you can count on about 80 minutes by car (all subject to traffic conditions). Nestled in the North West Province, its nearest town is Brits, about 34 km away.

What to expect

When you pack your bags for Dikhololo, it should be with the mindset that you are about to enjoy that well-deserved peace and quiet. Serenity at its best. An escape from city life and stressors. Pack a good book or two, whether in e-book form or printed form. 

The winter days are usually sunny and dry, but crisp enough for long-sleeve clothing. Summer days are hot and since it’s the rainy season in the North West region, you can count on a few showers. I was there in mid-July when the weather is comfortable and not too cold at night for a typical South African braai (barbeque). Over a period of a year, temperatures can range from around 2°C to around 33°C. Incidentally, don’t be too concerned about the African weather since all the units are air-conditioned.


  • Binoculars, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Rusks and coffee to go with the sun rising over Dikhololo – best experienced from a lookout “lapa” (open thatched roof structure supported by wooden poles). 
  • A hat and sunscreen are synonymous to protect your skin. The one should not go without the other.
  • Since it is a self-catering venue, pack the ingredients for making the perfect braai. The kitchen is fully equipped, and every unit has a cozy outside braai area. 
  • Also, your day-to-day needs in terms of personal toiletries. Like an insect-repellent against the summer’s eager mosquitoes.  The basics are supplied.

Being "busy" at Dokhololo

Pack walking shoes or comfortable boots because here you can go for walks without being afraid a lion will have you for breakfast!

The reserve has water activities (pool and park) and games such as chess and mini-golf. All of which makes for a memorable family getaway.

Then, most importantly, the game drives. As I mentioned earlier, you will not spot the lion here. Yet, it’s still magical to go on a game drive and experience another sunset in Africa. Here you’ll spot shy herbivores trying to hide from humans almost around every bush. Antelopes, zebras, jackals, giraffes, and an abundance of birdlife make for an enjoyable game drive. Pre-book your game drives at the reception desk.

The restaurant and pub have everything for everyone on their menus, great food, and super service from breakfast and all the way to dinner. In other words, those in-between bites too! With a nearby pool and games area for young and old, this is the main activity center of Dikhololo.

Play tennis or table tennis, do some hiking or horse-riding, relax at the pool, or have some fun at the super-tube.

Mini golf Dikhololo Game Reserve North West Province South Africa
Lesser Masked Weaver North West Province South Africa nest
Geel Vink (Lesser Masked Weaver)
Dikhololo Game Reserve animals
Dikhololo Game Reserve Northwest Province South Africa

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”

Dikhololo Game Reserve Northwest Province South Africa

Nearby experiences

Day trip to Hartbeespoort

Distance from Dikhololo Game Reserve to Hartbeespoort: 51 min (49.4 km) via Letlhabile Rd and R511.

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