From a Great-Grandmother's Kitchen

On the day of this article, I want to share with you two recipes from a very special lady:  The lovely Daffy is a 93-year-old great-grandmother living her best life in Australia.  She’s become the favorite grandmother for many people around the world, with fun jokes, sharing recipes, and many a wise word.  If you follow her on Facebook, you can share in their daily lives as she shares her wisdom with her granddaughter…and of cause now you.  🙂

Daffy shares her recipes for:

Spaghetti Bolognese

Potato Bake

And many more…

Daffy’s Wise Words

@daffyswisewordss Comedian

Daffy shares her secrets to many family favorite recipes. Good homemade food, and she does it with so much flair and a bit of fun.  I’ve been following her for a while now, and I love every smile and wise word she shares with her audience.  Cracking jokes with her granddaughter, while going about her day with love.

She might not know this, but she is tugging at the heartstrings of many people.  Especially those longing for their own grandma’s kitchen.

Watch Daffy on video making the recipes:

Or try the written recipes below:

PS:  there are many more on her Facebook page.

Daffy on Facebook
Daffy's Recipes
Recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese

The secret lies in a very important ingredient which you must not leave out:  the Worcestershire Sauce.

I have never had the opportunity to know my grandmother on either side of the family.  Never had the opportunity to sit with them in the kitchen, listen to their stories, share a cup of tea, or laugh at silly things…  Maybe this is true for you as well, then don’t be sad:  Daffy’s here to make our day – just follow her Facebook page.  Thank you, Daffy for adding a smile to my day.

Anna C
Daffys Easy homemade Potato Bake Recipe