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5 Christmassy Places to Visit and Things to Do – Special Experiences

Christmassy places

Looking at the best Christmassy Destinations in the world, it is all about ‘experiencing Christmas’.

Bethlehem - Visit the Birthplace of Jesus Christ

Birthplace of Jesus Christ

Travel Tip:  You can book more than one experience with ‘Get Your Guide’, which will allow you to explore all the places of importance.

Re-discover the true reason for the season in Bethlehem which lies 10 kilometers south of the city Jerusalem.

The birthplace of Jesus Christ is believed to be where the Church of the Nativity stands today and you can do the pilgrimage route as well.  What a special experience during Christmas time, this is.

From Bethlehem, you can do various tours (book through the trusted ‘Get Your Guide’ link here on this page), which will include places like; Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Jericho, The Jordan River, and the Dead Sea (depending on which package you book).  We really recommend doing more than one tour.  The Dead Sea is an exceptional experience that will have you talking for years to come.

I think one of the best tours to book is the ‘Jerusalem and Bethlehem Full-Day Small-Group Tour’.  On this tour, you will “explore the biblical city of Jerusalem on a 10-hour luxury tour of the Mount of Olives, Jewish and Armenian Quarters, Cardo, and more. Walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and then drive to Bethlehem; birthplace of Jesus Christ.” – GetYourGuide.  Also included is a visit to the shepherd’s field.

Italy - Attend a Midnight Mass

Visit Rome in Italy and on Christmas Eve, enjoy a Midnight Mass with the Pope at St. Peter’s Basilica.  The Vatican City is a popular stop for people during Christmas time and attending a Midnight Mass at St Peter’s, is truly a very special experience.

So, while you’re in the romantic city of Rome, include those romantic experiences like a special dinner in a local restaurant or a visit to Trevi Fountain.

The legend of the Trevi Fountain and the coins

Firstly remember to throw a coin from the right hand over your left shoulder into the fountain.  This (according to legend) will ensure that you in the future will again return to Rome.

Furthermore, legend has it (and according to the movie “When in Rome”), that when you through 3 coins in the fountain, the first coin guarantees your return to Rome, the second will ensure a new romance, and the third will ensure marriage.  Hmmm, maybe you should try?

..Or just make a special wish.

It is fun to watch the movie ‘Christmas in Rome’, as preparation for your tour.

A Christmas destination

Williamsburg, Virginia US (The Bush Gardens)

At this amazing multi-award-winning amazement park you can eat, drink and be merry both day and night.  By day you have all the fun rides and by night the magical Christmas Town (which still includes rides at night). 

In my opinion Christmas Town with all the different European Countries to explore, all decorated for the holidays is an amazing experience.  Stroll from one “town or country” to the next and take in the magical happiness of all the Christmas lights and exhibits.  Stop for dinner or snacks at the many Christmas-named restaurants or enjoy a wonderful Christmas theatre show and watch the carolers singing on street corners just like in the movie Scrooge. 

There are plenty of souvenir shops and it does get busy at night. (Obviously, my favorite is Germany with its Festhaus and ornament shop.  If you’re a traveler who collects Christmas ornaments for your tree, you have to stop here.)  In summary, if you want to experience Europe’s best Christmassy destinations, all in one night……The Bush Gardens in Virginia is the place to go.

Claiming to be the biggest in North America, you can see cities like; Ireland, Scotland, London, Germany, France, New France and experience an Octoberfest as well as Sesame Street.  This is great fun for the young and ..not so young.  As long as you’re young at heart, the magic of Christmas will do the rest.  Just book your tickets and go.

Walt Disney World, Florida (Disneyland)

Need I say more? 

Christmas parades:  and I am not referring to small parades.  Huge, spectacular, super, jaw-dropping, beautiful Christmas Parades with all your favorite characters. 

Don’t even think of age, as the children and the adults all become kids again with magical Christmas dreams when seeing Disneyland at Christmas time. 

If ever there was a family travel trip you need to put on your travel bucket list, it is Walt Disney World Florida at Christmas time. 

Yes it is expensive and yes it can get very busy, but it is more than worth it.  Refer to our article on a trip to Walt Disney World, for some budget-friendly tips and tricks on planning your trip.

So, if you’re looking for a Christmassy destination that will keep the kids happy and the adults just as much, look no further.

Disney Florida

Germany's Christmas Markets

World Class

When someone asks me where the best Christmas Markets in the world are, I immediately think of Germany:  Frankfurt,  Nuremberg (Nurnberg), Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne (Köln), and many more. 

Strolling amongst the many stalls while sipping on hot chocolate or Glühwein, the smell of freshly baked goodies and roasted chestnuts – oh my, it is just magical. 

You can read more about all the Beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany.  In my opinion, a German Christmas market is one of the best Christmassy destinations ever.

Kathe Wohlfahrt

Hamburg is huge

Hamburg is certainly one of the best Christmas Market Destinations in the world, which you simply must include in your itinerary.  During the first four Saturdays in December, Hamburg’s city center is lined with loads of people all armed with cameras to view the colorful parades. Wave to the many Santa Clauses walking in the parade, take photos of Santa on his float, and enjoy this awesome parade.  (Parades normally take place between 14H00 and 17H00.)

Then the actual Christmas Markets of which there are more than 30, with its fairy lights, deliciously roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, and hot chocolate, is simply amazing.


Käthe Wohlfahrt

OK so this is not sponsored in any way (I just have to say).  I am simply one of the biggest fans of  Käthe Wohlfahrt’s shops.

The Käthe Wohlfahrt’s super amazing shop with original Christmas ornaments is a must-stop, must-see, must-visit, must do, must experience – stop in Germany.  If you have to wait in line, just wait, as it is definitely worth it.  Once you’re inside the most difficult choice ever is what to buy, as I simply want to buy everything.

Look out for the mugs

Furthermore, I love the idea of buying your hot chocolate in a beautiful Hamburg Christmas mug, with the option of keeping it as a souvenir.  (Anyone that doesn’t want theirs – Send them to me.  I am in love with these mugs.)  Bonus – they make the perfect souvenir or even a gift for someone who couldn’t make the trip with you.  Keep a look out for them at the Christmas markets.

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