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Capri Italy

When you love the island of Capri...

Once you’ve been to Capri Italy, you might have whished that you have a bit of the beautiful Capri island in your backyard.

I think we all have a special holiday destination that we would love to recreate at home.

The blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the food, the atmosphere and yes the lemons, are all part of awesome memories.  Here are a few tips on how to recreate those Capri memories at home.

Creating your own Capri, Italian getaway in your backyard:  It’s easy !!!

Some inspiration on colors

Let’s start planning on that backyard get-away

Creating that perfect entertainment spot.

When I think of Capri, I immediately think of the beautiful blue sea. Adding spots of soft or aqua blue color to your backyard garden is the best way to begin.

Capri boats

The color blue can be added in the most subtle ways, like with a tablecloth, some scatter cushions, a garden pot, etc…

If you have a big wall in your garden you can paint the wall, or just adding a few flower pots in the color of blue, will bring a hint of the sea to your garden.  You don’t have to paint them all one color of blue.  The Mediterranean Sea has many shades of blue.  Play with a combination of colors and shades when painting your garden pots.  An old window frame or beautiful door painted in Mediterranean blue is a fabulous option to decorate an otherwise boring garden wall.

If you have favorite photos of your holiday to Capri (like the boat photo below), frame copies of them and add them to a wall.  It will be a great talking point when you have guests over.  At other times it might bring back fond memories.  (Remember to seal the frame to keep water out.  Rather use colorful spare prints and not the only original photo prints that you have.)

A touch of Italian Lemons..

Thinking of my favorite restaurant in Capri… I love the idea of dining under lemon trees.  In fact the whole of Amalfi is all about lemons, and who doesn’t love the Amalfi coast…  Therefore my first suggestion would be to get a lemon tree …or two… or maybe even three.  You can plant them in pots.  They will be perfect for those garden pots you’ve just painted.

lemon tree lunch

Dining under the lemon trees, or a light lunch, could become a reality in your own backyard.  Add a beautiful citrus colored tablecloth, some lemon printed serviettes and a few lemons for decoration and you are well on your way.

You can even make our easy “Lemon Spritzer” and decorate it with lemons from your very own tree.  Now that is a good way to recreate those Capri memories at home..

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lemon tree tea

In the evening, for extra Italian Capri flair, get some beautiful glasses and a bottle of good Italian sparkling wine.  Then, make a Caprese Salad or a nice pasta and dinner is ready….under the lemon trees….and maybe add some fairy lights for extra atmosphere.

There you have it; it is easy to recreate those Capri memories at home. Last but not least, you can learn the basic phrases in Italian and surprise your Italian friends.

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