How to Zoosh Up Your Leftovers: South African Braai Edition

Transforming simple leftovers into culinary delights!

What to do with those leftovers

After big celebration days like:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s 

or any other day when you’ve prepared a lot of food, you always have leftovers…

During our vacation in South Africa, we came across this fabulous idea.  Now it is not a “traditional recipe” like you would find in your grandma’s kitchen…  It is more like a shortcut..

Campfire cooking in another country recipes Zoosh Up Your Leftovers South African Braai Edition

Easiest way to turn leftovers into a stunning meal

Campfire cooking in another world – recipe:


  • Leftover meat (this can be a leg of lamb, gammon, tongue, or any meat you have left over – and you can mix it all together as well.)
  • Onion (finely chopped)
  • Potatoes (cubed and cooked – can be leftover roast potatoes)
  • Vegetables (to your preference:  frozen mixed veggies, fresh carrots, or any vegetables you have in the house – optional)
  • Secret ingredient…(we’ll tell you more later)
  • And then you’ll need a “potjie
How to Zoosh Up Your Leftovers South African Braai Edition

What is a "potjie" in South Africa?

In South Africa, a “potjie” refers to a traditional three-legged cast-iron pot that is widely used for outdoor cooking. The term “potjie” itself is derived from the Dutch word “potje,” meaning a small pot. The potjie pot is iconic in South African cuisine and culture, particularly when it comes to social gatherings, camping trips, and braais (barbecues).  

Potjie pots are typically made of cast iron, which is an excellent conductor of heat and can withstand high temperatures. The material also imparts a unique flavor to the food.

Using a potjie is often a social activity. It’s common for friends and family to gather around the potjie, enjoying the cooking process and the outdoors together. The potjie is deeply ingrained in South African culture and is associated with a sense of community, hospitality, and the joy of sharing a meal.

The Special ingredient

The special ingredient is simple:  Go to your local supermarket and buy your favorite packet of cook-in curry sauce.  (We used Cape Malay curry, which is delicious and not so over-the-top spicy.)  Mix it with 250 ml of cream and you have the perfect secret ingredient to change “boring leftovers” into a stunning dish.

Cape Malay Curry Shortcut recipe with Ina Paarman

Yes, you might have guest it, we’re making curry!  But on an open fire with friends all around.  That’s the South African way.

If you can’t find it in store, you can shop online directly from Ina Paarman’s website. She is quite a popular lady in South Africa and her products are highly recommended by all.

South African braai recipe Potjie Cape Malay Curry
What to do / Method (now this is campfire cooking in another world: The South African way)
  • In a potjie over an open fire, sauté the finely chopped onion.
  • Add the meat, potatoes, and vegetables (remember they are already cooked, so it’s just a matter of mixing everything and letting the juices marry in flavor…
  • Add the special ingredient (refer to above) – don’t tell any of your guests that you took this shortcut – they will think you’re an awesome cook.  LOL
  • Let it sit for a while (stirring regularly and let the sauce reduce a little bit.)
  • Serve on rice.

Enjoy – You can thank us later.  For now, just enjoy the get-together of family and friends without stressing for hours in the kitchen.




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