Dazzle in authentic Caminito-Style

Caminito has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina. And I get it. Meander in Caminito and you feel how your stress levels decrease, and how levels of happiness and satisfaction increase. But then, it also inspires in authentic Caminito-Style!

I picked up a few valuable lessons from my travel to the Caminito street museum. The kind of inspiration that stays with you all life long. And again I realized that “travel” and “home” are in a very intimate relationship. They make a good team! I’ll explain why.

buenos aires la boca caminito building exterior architecture TravelAndHome district windows community

First of all, Caminito is a perfect example of how low-budget material for housing can be transformed into artistic architecture. So much so, that people travel from afar to set foot in the jaw-dropping street museum. For instance, never has corrugated metal sheets looked so beautiful as here. Coming from a country with an overdose of informal settlements, it was an absolute eye-opener how beautiful the housing looked, even though it’s not made of marble, stone, or brick, but low-budget building materials. In true Caminito-Style, the material is painted in the brightest and happiest colors. Being surrounded by such joyful colors, there is no time for depressing thoughts!

Caminito La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina TravelAndHome 2
buenos aires la boca caminito-style building exterior architecture TravelAndHome facade

Secondly, I noticed how a simple, cold, and old staircase can be transformed with plants. By using plants to style the staircase, you’re adding a touch of warmth and giving it life.

Thirdly, I’ve seen how easy it is to create a “hot spot” in your very own backyard. With a picture framed and fitted on the wall, two chairs, and a small table, you have your very own street café, Caminito-Style! And what’s more, you can give it any theme you want. Add a cushion on each chair for added luxury and a sense of homeyness, and you’ve instantly created and perfected your garden’s “hot spot”.

Lastly, container gardening. Not surprisingly, this concept pops up in many travel trips. In Caminito’s street museum pot plants from small to large dollied up the balconies.

Bring the World to your own Home tip

Our most popular container plant is Lavender – for a whole bunch of reasons.

  • Lavender plants symbolize long life.
  • They are extremely versatile and can be grown just about everywhere.
  • And a bonus is that they go in bloom sporting several shades of purple and orchid, depending on the variety you have.
  • In addition to all that, it also smells great.
  • Its distinctive aroma is often used to create calmness and to promote healing.

Travel enhances your creativity. And it’s that creativity – such as the Caminito-Style – that becomes part of you and inspire you at home. As I said in the beginning, “travel” and “home” – they’re in a perfect love match!

Enjoy creating your very own World at Home!