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Bulgaria is one of those undersubscribed tourism countries and a gem waiting to be discovered.

Today, we cover the best holiday destinations and attractions in Bulgaria in our virtual photo tour.

Bulgaria is one of the destinations featured in “7 Affordable Holidays in Europe for SA Travelers” published by “Travel and Home”. It’s also a very budget-friendly holiday destination for Europeans!

However, before we get to explore the beautiful country, let’s share a few key Bulgarian words/phrases that will help you get around.

  • Hello = добър ден (dobar den)
  • Goodbye! = (Довиждане!/Doh-veezh-dah-nay!)
  • Cheers, or bless you (when someone sneezed) =  Nazdrave! (Наздраве!/Naz-drah-veh!)
  • Yes = да (da)
  • No = не (ne)
  • Please  or welcome= Molya (Моля/Moh-lya)
  • Thank you! = Blagodarya! (Благодаря!/Blah-goh-da-rya!)
  • Where is the toilet? къде в тоалетната (kade e toaletnata)

Northern Bulgaria

This beautiful and relatively undiscovered travel destination is a blend of pristine beaches, on the coast of the Black Sea, and a majestic mountainous interior.

You’ll find influences from Persian, Greek, Ottoman, Slavic, and more.

Veliko Tyrnovo (Велико Търново, Veliko Tărnovo)

If you’re looking for a small town weekend trip in Bulgaria, Veliko Tyrnovo is your answer.

Visit Nothern Bulgaria things to do in Veliko Tyrnovo Northern Bulgaria scenic city

This scenic city is the historical capital of Bulgaria and lies in the north in the valley of the twisting river Yantra.  Tyrnovo is one of the most ancient and most picturesque cities of Bulgaria with beautiful scenery.

Six of the top sights to see in Bulgaria’s beautiful Velike Tyrnovo, are the:

  • Gurko Street, set on a hillside overlooking the river, is one of the oldest and most picturesque streets in Tyrnovo.
  • Grand 12th-century Tsarevets Fortress.
  • Medieval ruins of Trapezesta Fortress.
  • 1800s Eastern Orthodox Monastery “St. Transfiguration”, or the Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God.
  • Holy Forty Martyrs Church (monastery).
  • Mini Bulgaria Park (museum).
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul (church and art).
  • Middle ages monastery, at Park “Sveta Gora(a beautiful garden park)


Top sights in Varna:

  • Medieval MTAladzha Monastery, with a cave.
  • Pobiti Kamani, The Stone Desert, is a rock phenomenon considered as the only desert in Bulgaria and one of only a few in Europe.
  • Elaborate Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral is the largest church building in Varna and the third largest cathedral in Bulgaria.
  • Regional Archaeological Museum.
  • Euxinograd Palace and park.
  • Ruins of ancient Roman thermal baths.
  • Dolphinarium Varna is the only dolphin attraction in the country.
  • Priroden Park Zlatni Pyasatsi is a protected area with trails and a monastery.
  • Varna Necropolis is an ancient burial site with exhibitions.

Western Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city

Things to do when you visit Sofia in Western Bulgaria min

The city lies below Vitosha Mountain and is the showcase of more than 2,000 years of history. For instance, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Soviet occupation. Sofia is where wine lovers should taste the locally prized hearty red wines at one of the many Bulgarian wine bars.

Top sights to see in Sofia:

  • “Ivan Vazov” National Theatre (the oldest and most authoritative theatre in the country).
  • Medieval Boyana Church Museum has 13th-century frescoes.
  • Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski is an Orthodox church with a museum.
  • Bells Monument (OR, IN Bulgarian, “Камбаните”/”Kambanite”) lies at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. The monument commemorates children and is inscribed at its base: “Children of the future accept the eternal, fiery call of immortality – Unity, Creativity, Beauty.” (Address: 1756 Park Kambanite.)
  • Vitosha mountain is popular for its caving, skiing, and hiking.
  • Vitosha Boulevard is a vibrant street with posh stores and cafes.
  • Regional History Museum.
  • Bankya.
  • The former Royal Palace.
  • St. George Rotunda Church (built by the Romans in the 4th century) has medieval and Ottoman decoration dating to the 10th century.
  • Banya Bashi Masjid is a 16th-century mosque with a big dome.

We’ve only covered three of the best places in Bulgaria to visit.  

Next up on our trip to Bulgaria is Eastern Bulgaria, where we visit Nessebar, Sozopol,  Primorsko, and beautiful Burgas.

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Travel Tip(s)

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Check the map view: has a map view feature that shows the location of hotels. This can help you identify accommodations in areas that are both desirable and affordable.

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