Visit Bonaire and Klein Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands

Bonaire, is an island municipality of the Netherlands, which lies off Venezuela’s coast in the southern Caribbean.

If you love to visit and explore coral reefs, Bonaire is the place to visit as it is surrounded by beautiful reefs.

Visit Bonaire in the Southern Caribbean Netherlands
Why you should visit Bonaire

For divers from around the world, this special place is known as ‘The Diver’s Paradise’, being home to some fantastic species, like brain corals, elkhorn corals, fire corals, and gorgonians. The reefs also offer a wide variety of marine life in crystal-clear water including sea turtles, and eagle rays.  So for anyone loving nature and Caribbean life, this is paradise.

The entire coastline of Bonaire has been declared a marine sanctuary.  The Bonaire Marine Park offers more than 85 dive sites, all easily accessible and clearly marked.

It is an AWARD-WINNING destination:

Bonaire has received many well-deserved rewards during the years, including: 

  • Best Snorkeling
  • Best Beginner Diving
  • Best Health of Marine Environment, and
  • Best Underwater Photography

And that about says everything you need to know.  If you love underwater photography, place Bonaire on your travel destination list. 

They really deserve the Nr.1 spot on the Shore Diving Destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic region list, as they’ve acquired for so many years (more than 28 years and counting).

Flamingos and sight seeing opportunities
When is the best time to visit?

This is an all-year travel destination where you can enjoy fabulous weather, with the wettest months being October, November, and December.

How to get there / Where is Bonaire?

You’ll be flying to Flamingo International Airport (BON) located near Kralendijk the Capital.  Once you get there, you can explore island style, by renting a scooter, a golf cart, or a quad.  You can also rent a car or take a taxi.

The salt pans of Bonaire
Visit the salt pans of Bonaire
Interesting facts
  • The island is known for its coral reefs, diving spots, great beaches, and pink flamingos.
  • Here you’ll find more than 60 different species of coral.
  • It is home to the yellow-shouldered amazon parrot, Amazona Barbadensis.
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Official Language Dutch (In Kralendijk they speak Papiamentu, but Dutch, Spanish, and English are also spoken on the island.)
  • Capital: Kralendijk, which is the main port of this beautiful island in the Caribbean Netherlands.
Visit Klarendijk on Bonaire Island Travel destination
Things to do and see
  • You can do a “Historical Walking Tour” and visit more than 25 historical sites in the downtown area of Kralendijk alone.
  • Rent a car and do some exploring on your own – driving by the slave huts and exploring the town.
  • See the flamingos and the pink and white salt flats and pyramids (seen from the road)
  • Explore the underground / underwater caves of Bonaire. (BUT do this with a trusted and knowledgeable guide.)
  • Take a water taxi to Klein Bonaire Island.
  • Visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park – do some swimming, diving, walk through the cactus forest, and just enjoy the beautiful beach and nature while soaking up some sun.
  • Have some fun doing land sailing.
  • There are lots of sightseeing opportunities on the island that include wildlife tours, shore excursions, 4wd tours, half-day tours, snorkeling, on-water excursions, and many more: Book online and plan a great vacation.
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at Lac Bay Beach – have some local food at the beach bar while doing some people watching and seeing the windsurfers play in the water. (You can try it yourself as this is a very popular spot for windsurfing.)

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