Boeremeisies (Brandied Apricots)

“‘n Tradisionele Nederlandse heerlikheid.” (Afrikaans)

This special treat comes from the Netherlands but is also famous in the Cape region of South Africa, especially among older people.  Those that grew up with this delicious treat in their youth, will remember it well.  

Difficulty:  Easy

Preparation Time:  5 min.

Cooking Time:  5 min.


  • 170g (215 ml) sugar
  • 375 ml brandy
  • 500g plump dried apricots
Boeremeisies Resep Recipe Appelkose Apricots

How to make Boeremeisies

  • Heat the brandy and the sugar, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Do not boil.
  • Leave to cool.
  • Pour the brandy over the apricots.
  • Place the apricots and brandy in sterilized bottles, seal and allow to stand for at least two weeks.

Making Boeremeisies was a way of preserving food.  These days, it is just something nice to eat and it could (as an added bonus) make your pantry look very good.  🙂


Boeremeisies are served as a dessert with whipped cream, pancakes, vanilla ice cream, or even fruit salad.  Or just sit back and enjoy it with a cup of coffee after dinner, all on its own.

What is the difference between Boeremeisies and Boerejongens?

Boeremeisies / Boerenmeisjes are made of apricots that are preserved in brandy.  The name means “farmer girls” in Dutch.

Boerejongens / Boerenjongens are made of raisins that are preserved in brandy.  The name means “farmer boys” in Dutch.  (Sometimes also preserved in whiskey or vodka).  Traditionally made from Hanepoot grapes.

Afrikaanse beskrywings: 

Boeremeisies is gedroogde of ryp appelkose wat ingelê word in brandewyn .  Dit word gebruik as likeur of as nagereg saam met room, wafels, pannekoek, roomys of vrugteslaai. 

Boerejongens is rosyntjies wat ingemaak word in brandewyn.   Dit word met baie ryp maar ferm hanepootdruiwe gemaak en staan ook bekend as Kaapsche Jongens of Boerklonge.

How to make Boerenmeisies Recipe