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The World's Largest Operator of Open-top bus sightseeing tours!

A Short History of Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Tours was founded in May 2011 after “Les Cars Rouges” and the “Big Bus Company” merged.

The company’s success comes a long way. The Maybury family started ‘the Big Bus Company’ in June 1991 in London with only four buses.

Today, Big Bus Tours is the world’s largest operator of open top bus sightseeing tours. They operate mostly in America, followed by Europe, Aisa-Pacific and the Middle East.

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Sightseeing from a Double Decker Bus

These tours are great fun and super informative. You get a set of earphones when you get on board so you can listen to the audio guide. The audio guide is carefully synchronized with the well-known, and sometimes less well-known, landmarks as the bus drive in cities such as Paris, New York or London.

You get insight into the history and interesting facts about the various landmarks, museums, statues, historic buildings, churches and cathedrals, castles, and palaces. To name a few!

Don’t hop off just yet!

Besides the fascinating anecdotes, you stand to gain many more benefits. For example,

  • Complete flexibility. You decide when to hop on and hop off the bus.  If you want to spend more time at a particular spot, then that is exactly what you do. Without having to stress about traffic building up around you. 
  • It is value for your money. For example, if you intend to make the most of your holiday in Paris and want an authentic experience, I highly recommend the Big Bus Tours. This way, at the end of your holiday, you’ll leave Paris satisfied that you’ve covered all the main highlights there are to see. Furthermore, you get to save money on transportation, and exclusive offers!
  • Fast track entry. No more having to stand in line to buy tickets.
  • A free itinerary. You get to pick from different routes, each having their unique theme. For example, in London you get to choose between the red (longest route), orange, blue, and green routes. If you’re a royalist, then you will enjoy the Orange Route because it includes Buckingham Palace. The Red Route will be equally interesting with attractions like Westminster Abbey.
  • Family-friendly. This is a perfect example of how to stimulate a child’s curiosity, about diverse cultures, and history, in a fun way with fascinating facts.  
  • Lastly, but not the least of it all, the on-board audio-guides come in a wide variety of languages. If you prefer, you can download the application and use the on-board free wi-fi. With the application you get directions to your nearest Big Bus stop. Furthermore, features such as dining and shopping options on route comes in handy and makes it well worth your while to download the application.

Open Bus Tours in London

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