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Rock Your Next Party with an Elvis Presley Theme Dinner!

Hey there, some time ago I shared ideas about an Amalfi party, and today I’m in Graceland, well, so to speak. I absolutely love entertaining and it gives me great pleasure to help you put together an awesome Elvis Presley-themed dinner party that will have all of your friends talking for weeks! Elvis Presley, the beloved American singer, musician, and actor who is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll, is a fantastic inspiration to plan an unforgettable evening.” Up to today, Elvis still is known for his unique style, music, and fashion, and we’re going to use all of those elements to create an unforgettable dinner party.


First things first, let’s talk about the decor. Elvis loved everything shiny and bright, so we should definitely have some glitz and glamour in the decorations. You can set up a red carpet entrance for your guests, complete with Hollywood-style searchlights and a cardboard cut-out of the King himself. You can also hang up some sparkly silver and gold streamers and have some disco balls hanging from the ceiling to create a groovy ambiance. For the centerpieces, you can use vinyl records or miniature guitars, and scatter some glitter and confetti around them.

I quite like the cardboard figure with Elvis in gold, but the black-and-white figure seems to be more popular with the guest(s) standing beside him blowing kisses or just striking a sexy pose! Which one do you prefer?

The coasters will help create the Elvis theme and be of practical use to protect your furniture. The other bonus is that you can invite each guest to take their coaster home as a party favor! A 3-in-1 use, so to me the Elvis record coasters are a must-have!

You want to start and end the evening without losing the Elvis theme. And the Elivs parking signs are the answer to setting the theme as your guests pull up in the driveway, and leave again.


Quick and easy recipe for one Elvis favorite food min

Now, let’s talk about the menu. Elvis was known for his love of food, and some of his favorite dishes were quite unique. One classic Elvis favorite was the peanut butter and banana sandwich, so we can definitely incorporate that into the menu. You can also serve some fried chicken and waffles, which was another favorite of his. For dessert, how about some banana pudding or a classic Southern pecan pie? Don’t forget to have plenty of Coke and root beer on hand, as these were also among Elvis’ favorite drinks.

Head on over to our post on Elvis’ favorite dishes, including recipes such as Elvis’ favorite crispy fried chicken which is great for parties. A great buy that is of great use and an absolute ‘investment’ is the range of Elvis cookbooks that are well-priced and in kindle format for easy use. You can get the Elvis cookbooks also in hardcover. 

Dress Up and Costume Contest

To make the dinner party even more special, you can have a little fun and ask your guests to dress up in their best Elvis-inspired outfits. Whether it’s a pompadour hairstyle, some glittery sunglasses, or a jumpsuit, everyone can get into the spirit of the evening. You can even have a contest for the best Elvis costume and give out a prize to the winner.

Officially licensed Elvis deluxe adult costume. Look for a trademark on the logo and packaging to help assure you’ve received the authentic safety-tested item. The white jumpsuit with glitter eagle embellished design, belt with rhinestones accents, and red scarf is sure to be a hit at the party!

You’ll be able to wear the top even after the party, it’s that versatile! One of those forever classic tops. Elvis had a good sense of fashion and this top is proof thereof.

It’s hard to think of the King of Rock and Roll without picturing his signature pompadour hairstyle. Elvis’ hair was slicked back and styled into a high pompadour with long sideburns, creating a look that was both stylish and rebellious. His hair became so iconic that it even inspired a hairstyle trend that is still popular today.

Games and Activities

In addition to dressing up, you can also have some fun Elvis-inspired games and activities. One idea is to set up a karaoke station with some of Elvis’ greatest hits. Your guests can take turns singing along and channeling their inner Elvis.

And don’t forget card games are always a hit. Elvis playing cards come with different images and fit perfectly in the Elvis theme.

Another fun game is “Name That Elvis Song,” where you can play snippets of his songs and see who can guess the title and artist first.

You can also have a photo booth set up with some Elvis-themed props like the life-size cardboard figure I mentioned earlier, sunglasses, scarves, and a guitar.

This throw blanket is great for a backdrop and you can even auction it off at the end of the evening with the funds going to a good cause – helping someone less privileged. It’s super soft and a great gift for any Elvis fan.

Feel like the king himself with these retro Elvis rockstar glasses. They are durable, comfortable to wear, and can be used as regular sunglasses or to complete any costume.

What better way to start this game than with the famous Elvis song “A little less conversation“!  A little less conversation and a little more question – only with TOP TRUMPS QUIZ!

I left my favorite prop for last! Elvis’ pink Cadillac is the ultimate party prop and a must-have at any music-themed party. 


Now, let’s talk about the music. Elvis Presley was known for his rock and roll hits, so we definitely want to have some of his classic songs playing in the background. You can create a playlist that includes some of his most famous hits like “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Blue Suede Shoes.” You can also include some of his more romantic ballads, like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Love Me Tender.” You can even have a live band or musician perform some of his greatest hits for a more authentic feel.

Now as far as karaoke goes, you can get some super expensive karaoke stations. But, I want the karaoke station to blend in with the theme, and what better selection than the ALPOWL karaoke machine? It’s a perfect fit for our Elvis theme.

In addition to the karaoke station, you can’t go wrong with the Karaoke playlist of Elvis’ most popular cover songs. You have 58 songs to pick from and almost three hours of karaoke.


Last but not least, let’s talk about the favors. You can create some fun party favors for your guests to take home as a memento of the evening. How about some personalized guitar picks or keychains with Elvis’ face on them? You can also make some Elvis-inspired cupcakes and wrap them up in cute little boxes for your guests to take home. Alternatively, make some of your favorite cookies but this time, shaped with the Elvis cookie cutter (dancing shape).

Another multi-purpose must-have that is not a waste of money. You can use it again. These music note cutouts guitar rock bass and record cutouts are good decorations that you can add to any other musical event, such as a birthday party, music-themed party, and so on. It’s great for party favors too!

Elvis keychains are popular memorabilia when you go to Graceland, but you can order them online and gift your guests as a thank-you for their contribution to making the evening unforgettable.

You can also use the Elvis cupcake decorations in ice cream and fruit bowls, or other desserts. As suggested, you can make them for guests to take home, or you can make them for the dessert table!

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, hosting an Elvis Presley theme dinner party is a fun and unique way to pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll. By incorporating elements of his iconic style, music, and personality, you can create an unforgettable night for you and your guests. Whether it’s through the decor, menu, games, or activities, there are plenty of ways to bring the spirit of Elvis to your party. With these ideas and some creativity, you can rock your next event and leave your guests all shook up!

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