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Unveiling Benidorm's Allure: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Sun, Sea, and Spanish Charm!

Benidorm is a pretty popular spot for vacations. It’s in Spain and has this cool mix of beautiful beaches and lively nightlife that draws a lot of people in. It’s kind of surprising that even though loads of folks look it up on Google for vacation ideas, not everyone knows much about it. It’s like a secret gem that’s hiding in plain sight!

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Getting to Benidorm is pretty convenient! You can fly into Alicante Airport, which is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) away. From there, you can hop on a bus, hire a taxi, or even rent a car to get to Benidorm. If you’re already in Spain, there are also trains and buses connecting major cities to Benidorm.

The best times to visit are in the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). The weather during these times is warm and pleasant, perfect for beach days and exploring without the scorching heat of summer or the winter chill.

How long to stay really depends on what you want to do. A week gives you a good chance to soak up the sun, hit the beaches, explore the town, and enjoy the nightlife. But hey, if you’re a beach lover or into non-stop fun, you might want to extend that stay!

Benidorm is generally safe, but like any touristy place, it’s good to keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded areas. Also, if you’re hitting the beach, make sure to follow the safety flags indicating the sea conditions.

Getting around Benidorm is pretty easy. You can walk to most places if you’re staying in the central areas. But there are also buses that run through the town, and taxis are always available. If you want to explore nearby towns, renting a bike or a scooter could be a fun option!

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Where to Stay in Benidorm

There are tons of options for staying in Benidorm. You’ve got everything from budget-friendly hostels to luxury resorts right by the beach. The Levante area is famous for its buzzing atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, while the Poniente area is a bit more chilled out and family-friendly.

Hotel Madeira Centro

Located right by Levante Beach, this hotel offers fantastic sea views from many of its rooms and rooftop terraces.

Gran Hotel Bali

It’s the tallest hotel in Benidorm, providing panoramic views of the sea from its higher floors and rooftop pool area.

Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique

Situated in the old town, this boutique hotel offers rooms with balconies overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel RH Princesa

Positioned close to Levante Beach, it boasts rooms with sea-view balconies, offering a great vantage point to admire the coastline.

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What to Eat and Drink in Benidorm

When it comes to food, Benidorm has a mix of local Spanish cuisine and international dishes. You’ve got to try the paella, which is like a traditional Spanish rice dish cooked with yummy seafood or meat. Also, seafood lovers will have a blast here! As for drinks, the sangria is a must-try, and you can’t miss out on trying horchata, a refreshing local drink made from tiger nuts.

Cultural Insights of Benidorm

Benidorm’s got this cool mix of cultures. You’ll see modern high-rise buildings alongside traditional Spanish architecture. Plus, there are some awesome cultural events throughout the year, like local fiestas, music festivals, and art exhibitions.

Local Customs of Benidorm

Respect is a big thing here. Spaniards are super friendly, but it’s always nice to greet people with a “Hola” and a smile. Also, meal times are a bit different here. Lunch usually happens later, around 2 pm, and dinner starts from 9 pm onwards.

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Poniente Beach

What is the main attraction in Benidorm?

The main attraction in Benidorm is its stunning beaches! Seriously, they’re like the heart of the town.

You’ve got two big ones:

  • Levante Beach and Poniente Beach. Levante is super lively, with lots of water sports, beach bars, and a bustling promenade.
  • Poniente is a bit more relaxed and family-friendly, great for a chill day by the sea.

The beaches here are famous for their golden sands and crystal-clear waters, making them the go-to spots for visitors from all over. And oh, the views of the Mediterranean from these beaches are just incredible!

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Levante Beach

Top 10 things to do in Benidorm, other than going to the beach!

1. Balcon del Mediterraneo

It’s a lovely viewpoint that offers stunning panoramic views of the coastline. You’ll see the old town and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea stretching out before you.

2. Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana

This church is right in the heart of the old town. It’s a beautiful building with a distinct blue dome and intricate architecture, reflecting Benidorm’s religious history.

3. Benidorm Old Town

Wandering through the narrow streets of the old town, you’ll find charming squares, historic buildings, and traditional Spanish architecture. It’s a great place to soak in the local culture.

4. Sierra Helada Cliffs

This stunning natural feature offers dramatic cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, providing breathtaking views and a captivating backdrop for visitors exploring the area. The cliffs of Sierra Helada are known for their rugged beauty and are a popular spot for hiking and enjoying the scenic vistas.

5. Placa del Castell

A historic square perched on a cliff offering breathtaking views of the sea. It’s a great spot to relax and take in the surroundings.

6. Torre Punta del Cavall

Also known as The Watchtower of Aguilo, it dates back to the 16th century. This tower served as a lookout point for guarding against pirate attacks along the coast.

7. Tossal de la Cala

An archaeological site where you can see remains of an ancient settlement dating back to the 14th century.

8. Benidorm City Hall

It’s a modern building but stands on the site of an old fort. The architecture is a blend of modern and historical elements.

9. Museo Boca del Calvari 

A small museum that showcases the history and culture of Benidorm through exhibits and artifacts. Address: C/ de Tomàs Ortuño, s/n, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

The famous look out point in in Benidorm Alicante in Spain commonly known as The Balcon del Mediterraneo or Balcon del Mediterraneo min
The famous lookout point, The Balcon del Mediterraneo
Church Of San Jaime And Santa Ana travel and home min
Church Of San Jaime And Santa Ana
Sierra Helada Cliffs Benidorm Spain hiking scenic vistas
Sierra Helada Cliffs
Plaça del Castell
Plaça del Castell
The watchtower of Aguilo in Benidorm, Spain min
Torre Punta del Cavall
Elche park in Benidorm, Spain min
Elche Park

10. Elche Park

The park has sculptures and monuments that reflect the town’s heritage and culture. It’s a beautiful park situated near the coastline, offering a relaxing and scenic environment for visitors and locals alike. Elche Park is known for its palm trees, gardens, benches, and walkways, providing a peaceful retreat in the midst of the bustling city.

These spots might not scream ancient history, but they offer glimpses into Benidorm’s past and are worth a visit if you’re into the town’s historical side!

Popular tours in and around Benidorm

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Annual festivals held in benidorm

Benidorm loves a good fiesta! There are several annual festivals that bring the town to life with music, dancing, and vibrant celebrations.

Benidorm Carnival

Usually held in February or March, the Carnival fills the streets with colorful parades, costumes, music, and dancing. It’s a lively celebration with a fun, festive atmosphere.

Moors and Christians Festival

This festival, celebrated in October, is a big deal in Benidorm. It’s all about reenacting battles between the Moors and Christians from Spain’s history. There are parades, mock battles, and fantastic costumes.

Benidorm Pride

Benidorm Pride takes place in September and is a massive LGBTQ+ celebration. It includes concerts, parties, parades, and a whole lot of pride and joy.

San Juan Bonfires

During the summer solstice in June, the San Juan Bonfires light up the beaches. It’s a tradition where people gather around bonfires, enjoy fireworks, and even take a dip in the sea at midnight for good luck.

Fallas de San Jose

Though not as big as in Valencia, Benidorm also celebrates Las Fallas in March, where huge papier-mâché sculptures are displayed throughout the town, and then they’re set on fire in a spectacular bonfire.

Whether you’re dancing through the streets or marveling at the fiery San Juan Bonfires, these annual events create unforgettable memories, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness and zest for life that defines Benidorm. Join in the festivities, soak in the joyous ambiance, and become a part of the vibrant tapestry of traditions that make Benidorm an extraordinary place to be.

Discover the Vibrant Tapestry of Benidorm: A Destination for Every Adventurer!

Exploring Benidorm is like uncovering a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be embraced. From the sun-soaked beaches to the charming old town streets, this travel guide offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of this coastal paradise. Whether you’re drawn to the pulsating nightlife, intrigued by historical landmarks, or simply seeking relaxation under the Mediterranean sun, Benidorm caters to every traveler’s whims. With its blend of modern attractions and a touch of history, coupled with vibrant festivals that light up the calendar, Benidorm promises an adventure that leaves a lasting imprint.

Pack your curiosity, savor the local flavors, and dive into the myriad wonders of Benidorm, where every moment promises a new and exhilarating discovery.

Explore Spain’s Rich Tapestry! Dive into our captivating guides to uncover its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and hidden treasures. Start your Spanish adventure today!

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