Become a familiarist instead of a tourist with Travel And Home.

Here at Travel and Home, we challenge you to join us wherever you are in the world. Share our challenge with friends and family, and try our motto in practice, during the pandemic which is: “Become a familiarist instead of a tourist”.

Holidaying and staying close to home is not only a safer choice but a smarter choice too.

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It’s much less stressful.

Our very first reason why you should “become a familiarist and not a tourist”, is most probably the most important one. Somehow, the moment we embark on international travel bookings the psychological aspect kicks in and we panic about what we’ve planned and what we have NOT planned.

There are also those oh-so-tedious visa applications and the subsequent wait until you have that precious visa in your hands. Then, of course, the dreaded transfer times at airports can sometimes test the most placid person to his/her limits. Or the transfer from your destination’s airport to your hotel is not on time, and so the list can go on and on… You have enough stress in your daily living, work at reducing your stress level by choosing a more laid-back holiday.


When you “become a familiarist and not a tourist”, you get to spend more time holidaying.

This is because you can choose shorter trips. Shorter trips are great because you can have more well-deserved breaks to look forward to!

If you’re working from home, I bet you can’t wait to mingle with other people and get away from it all. And it’s important to do so more often in order to re-charge your enthusiasm for your job and the associated disciplines that come with it. There is no better way than a short weekend get-away. Do it well, and do it often! Your mental health depends on it.

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A great way to “become a familiarist and not a tourist”, is to go on a road trip.

This is when you discover all the backroads, the hidden gems, the most memorable moments, and the pleasant surprises.

And it’s so much easier to do road trips as a family, than an international travel trip as a family. There are “fewer strings attached” and more enjoyment. And a bonus: Everyone understands everyone, there are no language barriers!

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Local travels are much cheaper than most international vacations.

Some of your best holiday destinations may be right on your doorstep. Kind of in your own backyard.

Many hotels are offering awesome discounts because they simply need your support to continue providing jobs to your fellow citizens. The pandemic hit everybody hard, and the tourism industry is no exception. With our motto “become a familiarist and not a tourist”, we suggest that you don’t pay those high prices that tourists normally pay. Shop for discounts, and if they don’t offer discounts, look further!

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Being a familiarist turns you into a storyteller.

Our final reason for advocating that you too “become a familiarist and not a tourist”, is the amazing spin-off thereof. That pleasure you have at the next social with friends or family when you tell them about all the funny moments, and sometimes not-so-funny (it happens everywhere) moments, are priceless.

And if you have children, they will remember these stories for the rest of their lives, and even share them with their children.


In conclusion… “Travel and Home” invites you to “become a familiarist and not a tourist”.

Wherever you are in our beautiful world, there is a holiday destination or a weekend get-away break waiting for you.

You can search for ideas for your next trip on our site. Simply go to the search button above, type in the country name or city name.

And if you can’t find something you’re looking for, we invite you to contact us for free support on finding your next destination, the best time to visit, and things to do while you’re there.

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