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Beautiful Ancient city Samarkand's blue architecture

Uzbekistan, Asia
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Interesting facts about Samarkand

  • In Uzbekistan, the ancient city of Samarkand stands at the center of Samarqand Province.
  • The third-largest city in Uzbekistan is Samarkand, a little-known tourist gem.
  • Samarkand goes back around 3,000 years ago, making it an ancient city. 
  • It is known as “Marakanda” in Greek.
  • Samarkand was a significant city along the Silk Road from China to the west at the time and later. The city had fast development from the early Islamic period of the seventh century until Genghis Khan destroyed it in 1220.
  • Samarkand was the seat of a sizable kingdom during the 14th century under Eastern Leng.
  • Samarkand joined the Russian empire in 1868.
  • Another big event in 1868 was the opening (by the Russian entrepreneur D.M. Filatov) of the first winery.
  • The very same winery, today a popular sightseeing activity, has brought more than eighty international awards home.
  • The city was the capital of the Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan from 1925 to 1930.
ancient blue architecture in Samarkand Uzbekistans rd largest city

The Best Tours and Sightseeing in and near Samarkand

Where to stay

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Fabulous: Bibikhanum Hotel is popular amongst couples and bikers. The area is extremely popular for cycling. 

Very Good: Hotel Ishonch is 3.1 km from Khodzha-Akhar, 4.3 km from Navakhchinan and only 11 km from Samarkand International Airport.

Superb: Hotel Legende can provide a paid airport shuttle, which is quite handy.

Exceptional: Silk Road Empire Hotel is popular amongst hikers and is located 3 km from Dukchigi. You can book family rooms and they can help you with currency exchange.

Best food and drinks to have in Uzbekistan

Best food you must have in Uzbekistan flat bread pilaf

Pilaf has gained widespread acclaim due to its superb flavor and straightforward, accessible ingredients. Traditionally, Pilaf (also known as Uzbek Plov) is made with lamb meat. Beef, pork, or even chicken could be used as a substitute.  The dish is super delicious with carrots, coriander, and cumin seeds.

Uzbekistan flatbread: Beginning with 62 kilograms of flour, water, salt, and yeast in a mechanical mixer, these loaves are made. The dough is removed, kneaded, and allowed to rise for four hours after around 40 minutes.

Tea, particularly green tea, is the national beverage of Uzbekistan. Due to decades of Russian dominance in this region, vodka is also well-liked. On your Uzbekistan tours, you absolutely must try the local beverages. Tea is typically served everywhere, including at home, the office, cafes, and small shops.