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Best time to visit Bali

April to October is the best time to visit cities in Bali when the weather is warm and sunny. Hence, this is the time to enjoy the lush greenery, gorgeous waterfalls, ancient temples, iconic rice fields, flowing rivers, and beautiful flower gardens.

To help you decide where to go, we give you our favorite cities in Bali you must see.


What is Canggu known for?

Canggu is known for its black, sandy beaches. In particular, the challenging waves on Berawa Beach and Echo Beach are popular surfing spots.

Canggu Bali

Where is Canggu?

Things to do in Canggu

  • To start with, have breakfast at one of the many restaurants, coffee shops, and try their smoothie bowls. After that, coffee with homemade cakes will be the perfect start to the day.
  • Next, enjoy a massage. The prices are very reasonable and well worth an hour’s complete relaxation.
  • Alternatively, join an early morning hike and experience the most amazing sunrise ever. My personal choice is the Mount Batur hike that includes the dip into the natural hot spring. It is also one of the more popular packages and includes breakfast. (You can book on the link provided below.)
  • Also, wait for the tide to be low and walk to Tanah Lot Temple. Be mindful of your time so you are able to walk back before the tide is too high.
  • By the way, you still have time to take in the street art in Canggu and enjoy a light lunch!
  • If you are up to horseriding, I suggest Langudu horse riding on the beach and in the rice fields.
  • Later, sip on a sunset cocktail on the beach as you watch the sun going down – have your camera ready!
  • Finally, try authentic Indonesian – local and high-end – cuisine. Some restaurants include cultural performances on specific nights, such as at Hotel Tugu on a Thursday night.
In conclusion, you’ve just had a full day of pure enjoyment, excellent sightseeing, and more, in one of our favorite cities in Bali, Canggu!


What is Kuta known for?

Kuta Bali
Kuta is known for the Circus Waterpark, beaches, theater, 5GX reverse bungy, Waterbom Bali, Upside Down World Bali, name a few.

Where is Kuta?

Things to do in Kuta

  • Nightly stage performances in dazzling Balinese dance costumes at the Kuta Theater is an experience not to be missed.
  • The art market is the opportunity to do souvenir shopping. Salespeople are rather pushy. In other words, you may have to count to ten a few times to keep your composure. 
  • Take a walk on the beach.
  • Visit the ancient Buddist temple, Vihara Dharmayana. Dress appropriately (no shorts) and switch off your camera in the prayer room, or relics.
  • For the brave at heart, go bungy jumping. 
  • Sea turtle center

Nusa Dua

What is Nusa Dua known for?

Nusa Dua Bali
Nusa Dua is a vast and manicured place where you leave the worries of the world behind as you pass the guards.

Where is Nusa Dua?

Things to do in Nusa Dua


What is Ubud known for?

Ubud Bali
Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali with many art galleries and museums to explore amongst the many ancient temples and majestic royal palaces, green hillsides and rice terraces.

Where is Ubud?

Things to do in Ubud

How expensive is Bali?