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With a population of 1,102 (2017) and an area of 26.09 km² Balatonberény makes for the perfect getaway when you want to avoid the crowds.


How to get to Balatonberény

Balatonberény is 177 km from Budapest, which is about a 1h40m drive via the M7.

There are three ways to get there, i.e. by bus, train, or car.

There are many guesthouses, and/or apartments available. I always believe if you go on a beach holiday, you get accommodation right on the beach. So this time, it was no different in principle. We chose a self-catering house located on the waterfront. 

Photos: Clarissa van der Walt


We had the most beautiful stretch of lush green lawn in front of us, superbly finished off with this beautiful scene of Mommy and Daddy and their swan-family.

They were undisturbed, no matter how close you got. We got the odd glance – just to ensure we do keep our distance – but they did not run off, or panic. The photo taken was without a zoom lens. A sure sign they felt safe in the environment, and that this lake-side village is indeed a place of tranquility.


There is plenty for young children to do in terms of playing outdoor games or swimming. Lovers of the outdoors will enjoy the many hiking trails. The town center has a huge variety of restaurants. We went to a pizza restaurant and a steakhouse, but there are many more options. Both were excellent in the service and food categories. You have plenty opportunity to do souvenir shopping or buy a quick something to wear which you forgot to pack.

Photos: Clarissa van der Walt


Our long weekend was in June, which was still quite rainy. I would certainly go back, but next time in July when it is less rainy so I get more Vitamin D, compliments of the sun!



The town is small and laid back. There is a time for everything.

I still recall when I was small how my Dad stopped at the light, waiting for the train. This was a huge event! The competition was on as to who sees the train first. All those happy memories came back, and so I was again eagerly waiting the train, hoping I’d see it first!

Things to do

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Where to stay

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