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Bajardo, the wonder of it all!

Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”  At Bajardo you have no shortage of sunshine!

Bajardo Italy Italian Alps daytrip near San Remo

Bajardo, The perfect daytrip from San Remo

Bajardo is a lovely daytrip from San Remo. After a leisurely breakfast you should make your way up to the hilltop village. Visit the ruins and the church. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and walk it off on one of the many hiking trails. Meet up with the locals over dinner and head back to San Remo!

Getting there

From San Remo to Bajardo you can take a direct bus departing from Deposito RT. Generally, the bus services depart every four hours and operate every day. The journey takes about an hour.

Alternatively, the quickest way between San Remo and Bajardo is by car (or taxi). A narrow winding road, that you most certainly don’t want to share with the school bus, takes you to the mountain village with spectacular views.

Don’t be surprised if you’re met by rather unusual inhabitants, such as a sheep or two on their daily meander on the road into this friendly village, bordering the Southeast Coast of France.

Travel Tip(s)

Check the timetable for the school bus and bus service and if need be, plan a pitstop in Ceriana before you drive to the hilltop. The road is extremely narrow and not for the faint-hearted when you must pass the bus!

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Bajardo lies on top of a mountain; thus, getting sunshine from all sides. Together with nature and its mysteries, a trip to his fascinating Italian village is a must.

With an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, you’re in for some beautiful spectacular views. Especially from the highest point where the Old Ancient Ruins of the ancient church of St. Nicholas still is.

The narrow streets in the upper part of the village take you to the medieval ruins, with Roman columns and rosette stones of the Celtic period.

Bajardo Italy Ruins near San Remo
Bajardo Italy Ruins Daytrip near San Remo

Ancient Ruins

You can’t help but sense the vibes of ancient history and rituals when standing in the ruins, surrounded by the Alps. Traces of Druidism are still visible today.

The church, destroyed by the devastating 1887 earthquake, was built on an ancient Druidism site. It was used to celebrate the winter solstice, on December 21, when the days started getting longer. Celebrations involved sacrifices to the sun, and rituals with plants such as mistletoe; then regarded as a most sacred and potently magical plant.

The Druids were seen as people with magical powers who relied on their philosophies, botanical knowledge, and their contact with the spiritual world to heal (and sometimes cause) illnesses with holistic medicine. Many of them were warriors and gave advice to warriors.

What is known in today’s times as Christmas Day, December 25th, was back then a Roman celebration day when the Druids celebrated Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun), considered the official sun god. The Druids’ religion was based on Sol Invictus and the Mithraic mysteries (a Roman mystery religion that included initiations and rituals which may not be revealed to others).

Church of Saint Nicholas

Bajardo St Nicholas Church Italy Parrocchia Di San Nicolo

This little gem town in Italy has more than the ruins.

The Church of Saint Nicholas is a catholic church on Piazza Parrocchiale, 12. From the outside, it looks like just another church. However, once you set foot inside you are surrounded with one after the other beautiful scene, reflecting Christianity.

Another bit of serenity lies in the candles… to watch the tiny flames of the candles sending love and light to those who light them up. And of course, to light ‘your own’ as tradition has it.

Read more about the intriguing traditions of candles in the church and the symbolism behind them.

There is a saying “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Well, if ever you find yourself in San Remo, your book is not complete unless you visit Bajardo!

Travel Tip(s)
Only in Bajardo

Don’t leave without buying their Ricotta cheese, as well as their Biscotti made with red wine and nuts. Simply delish!

Bayardo Collage Italy Ruins church ancient

Nearest airport to Bajardo

The nearest airport is 50 km from Sanremo, Nice International Airport; then there is the 144 km far Genoa Airport. In Nice airport you can find taxi service servizio taxi Car Rental and Shuttle Bus (line 98) towards Nice Train Station from which you can reach Sanremo by train.

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