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Hike with Willemien | THE Bainskloof Pass TRAIL

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Bainskloof Pass is a scenic mountain pass located in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It’s a popular tourist destination due to its stunning views and winding road that follows the course of the Witte River. 

Here’s a brief travel guide to help you plan your visit to Bainskloof Pass:

Hike with Willemien

Bainskloof Pass is a great destination for hikers, with several trails to choose from. Here are a few options:

  • The Bainskloof Trail is a moderate hike that follows the Witte River and takes you through the pass. It’s about 11 kilometers (7 miles) one way, so you’ll need to arrange transportation back to your starting point. The trail takes about 4-6 hours to complete and offers beautiful views of the river and surrounding mountains.
  • The Meulwater Trail is a shorter hike that starts at the Bainskloof Pass lookout and takes you to the Meulwater Dam. The round trip is about 7 kilometers (4 miles) and takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Along the way, you’ll see a variety of flora and fauna, including proteas and baboons.
  • The Geelhoutboom Trail is a more challenging hike that takes you up to the summit of Geelhoutboom Peak. The round trip is about 13 kilometers (8 miles) and takes about 6-8 hours to complete. The trail is steep and rocky in places, so it’s recommended for experienced hikers only. From the summit, you’ll have stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
Best Cape Town hikes Hike with Willemien Bainskloof Pass outdoorcapetown travelandhome cape town hiking things to do near wellington reisenhuis min
THE BAINSKLOOF TRAIL. Gushing through a hole in the ceiling makes this hidden waterfall somewhat unique and special. The 2 km rock hopping up a river may not be kind to everyone's legs, but it sure adds an element of fun and adventure to accessing this secret location.

Regardless of which trail you choose, be sure to wear appropriate footwear, bring plenty of water, and follow the Leave No Trace principles to protect the natural environment. You should also check the weather forecast and be prepared for changes in the weather, as the pass can get quite windy and cool at times.

Getting There

The pass is located about 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of Wellington, which can be reached by car or public transport. If you’re coming from Cape Town, you can take the N1 highway and then turn off onto the R44 towards Wellington. The pass is well-marked and easy to find.

Where to stay

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There are a few accommodation options in the Bainskloof area, including guesthouses and self-catering cottages. If you prefer to stay in a larger town, there are also plenty of options within a short drive from the pass.

Best Cape Town hikes Hike with Willemien Bainskloof Pass outdoorcapetown travelandhome cape town hiking things to do near wellington reisenhuis min
  • 1.9 km from Bainskloof Pass
  • 2 km from Bainskloof Pass
  • 4.5 km from Bainskloof Pass
  • 4.1 km from Bainskloof Pass

When to Visit


Bainskloof Pass can be visited year-round, although the weather can be quite hot in the summer. The best time to visit is in the spring or fall when the weather is cooler, and the wildflowers bloom.

In conclusion

Overall, Bainskloof Pass is a beautiful and serene destination that’s perfect for a relaxing day trip or a longer stay. Whether you’re interested in scenic drives, hiking, or rock climbing, you’ll find plenty to do in this stunning part of South Africa.

Hike With Willemien, OutDoor Cape Town

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