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Authentic Guacamole Recipe

The Perfect Dip for Every Occasion!

The Rich Heritage of Guacamole

Avocado dip, known as guacamole, traces its origins to ancient Aztecs in Mexico. This creamy avocado blend holds a significant place in Mexican cuisine, believed to have been crafted by the Aztecs as early as the 16th century. They prized avocados for their rich, buttery texture and nutritional value, considering them a symbol of love and fertility. The term “guacamole” itself stems from the Aztec Nahuatl word “ahuacamolli,” translating to “avocado sauce.” Over time, this homemade guac gained popularity beyond borders, becoming a beloved staple in many cultures.

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How to make Guacamole: Quicke and easy!

Easy guacamole recipe, travel and home

You need

1 small yellow onion, roughly chopped

1 serrano chili, roughly chopped. Consider reducing the quantity of chili pepper if you prefer a milder heat level in your guacamole.

1/2 cup (30g) picked cilantro leaves, finely chopped, divided

2 tsp kosher salt

4 ripe avocados

2 tbsp juice from 2 limes

Do like this

  • Crush the chili, half of the cilantro, onion, and salt using a mortar and pestle or blend with a fork for a smooth paste. For the latter, include half of the lime juice.
  • Halve the avocados, discard pits, and spoon out the flesh into a bowl.
  • Combine the paste with avocados, add the remaining cilantro, and lime juice, and mash for a chunky texture.
  • Adjust seasoning with more salt and lime juice if desired.
  • Serve immediately with tortilla chips.

Important: Guacamole can be made using two methods: mashing ingredients in a mortar and pestle, known as a traditional Mexican molcajete, or using a fork. Avoid using a food processor or blender to prevent a pureed consistency.


President Barack Obama, known for his love of guacamole, tweeted about his essentials for a delicious version: “onions, garlic, hot peppers. classic.”


For optimal storage of guacamole, which is prone to oxidation, create a protective layer by pouring water over it. This method seals out oxygen, preserving the guacamole’s freshness and vibrant green color for up to three days in the refrigerator.

guacamole paired with nachos, mexican cuisine, travel and home
Guacamole paired with nachos

Embracing the Tradition

The allure of this flavorful avocado spread lies not only in its simplicity but also in its versatility. Its journey from the heart of Mexican-inspired dip culture to international tables highlights its adaptability. Today, homemade guac serves as a testament to the fusion of culinary traditions, a dish appreciated worldwide for its taste, nutrition, and cultural significance. Whether as a dip, topping, or standalone dish, the legacy of guacamole continues to evolve, transcending borders and appealing to diverse palates.

Pair gaucamole with…

Elevate your gatherings by serving guacamole alongside fajitas, nachos, or even as a zesty topping for holiday-themed appetizers. Its versatile nature makes it a delightful addition to celebratory meals, whether paired with festive finger foods or incorporated into traditional dishes like Christmas tacos or enchiladas.

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