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Situated on Navajo land, the Antelope Canyon in Arizona is any photographer’s dream.

What you need to know About the Canyon

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The canyon is divided into two slots namely the Upper Antelope Canyon which is 660 feet (200m) and the Lower Antelope Canyon which is 1,335 feet (407m) in length.  The debth is about 120 feet (37m).  The geological formations shaped through the years by wind and water erosion, are magnificent. 

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What is so special about Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon’s breathtaking beauty lies in its narrow, twisting passageways illuminated by sunlight that creates a mesmerizing play of colors and shadows on the smooth, wave-like sandstone walls. It’s a natural wonder that promises a unique and enchanting experience, making it a must-visit for anyone that loves hiking and exploring.

How do I get there?

You can reach Antelope Canyon by guided tours from nearby towns like Page, Arizona.  The nearest town is Page which is about 10 miles from the canyon.  Lake Powell is also nearby.

Entrance to the Antelope  Canyon – Can I explore on my own?

No, to visit the Antelope Canyon in Arizona you will need a tour guide.  The Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo Tribe.  Therefore it cannot be entered without a tour guide present and you will also need a permit to enter.  Your tour guide should help you obtain a permit.


Is Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon better

Lower Antelope Canyon usually has smaller crowds. Alternatively Upper Antelope Canyon is more equipped to handle bigger crowds and more famous and therefore busier. I would recommend Upper Antelope as it is simply stunning. 

However if you don’t like crowds the Lower Antelope would be a better choice. 

For photographers the Upper Antelope is definitely the place you would want to visit.  Especially to see the beams of light coming from above, this makes for spectacular photos.  Both of these are definitely worth seeing.

What is the best time to visit ?

The best time would be between late March and early October. This is also the time when the light beams come in to the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Travel Tip:  Book a tour between 11H00 and 13H00 for the optimal light.  There are also special groups that specifically specialize in take photography groups to the canyon.  Booking with them might cost extra but it will give you extra time in the canyon.  They normally visit the Upper Canyon.

How many days do you need ?

Visitors to the Antelope Canyon do recommend a 2 day stay.  One for each part of the Canyon, but that is totally up to you.

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Is it suitable for all fitness levels?

Antelope Canyon tours have varying levels of difficulty; choose one that suits your fitness.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, Antelope Canyon is not wheelchair-friendly due to its narrow passages.

Are reservations really necessary?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to book your tour in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Planning your trip to Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Choose your month and decide if you are going for Upper or Lower Antelope or both.

Then book in advance with a licensed tour operator.  They will also be able to help with accommodation, best times for viewing, obtaining a permit and stuff like, how to get there.

If possible, stay for a beautiful sunset photo opportunity.  In my opinion a perfect end to a spectacular day.  Do keep in mind that photography is allowed, but tripods may require special permits.  Always check with your tour guide before you go.

Are there age restrictions?

Most tours have age restrictions, so check with the tour operator.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes are recommended.  Remember to bring bottled water.

Travel Tip(s)

Exploring the great outdoors? Don’t forget to lace up your comfy shoes! Happy feet make for happy adventures.

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Flights & Hotels

Accommodation in Page – The nearest City to Antelope Canyon:

  • The City of Page is a 20 min drive (7,4 mi) via AZ-98 E, away from the Antelope Canyon.

For further information you can check in with the Navajo Tourism Department:

P.O. Box 663, Window Rock, AZ 86515. USA or  Phone 928-810-8501

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