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Albania's Hidden Gems: 5 Lesser-known places or attractions you should visit

Here are 5 beautiful hidden gems in Albania that are lesser-known and often underrated.  Beautiful places that is well worth a visit:

Views from the Rozafa castle in Albania

Rozafa Castle

Rozafa Castle sits on a hill near Shkodra in Albania, and it’s got quite the story. Legend has it that when they were building the castle, it kept falling apart overnight. So, the builders decided to sacrifice a woman by walling her up alive in the foundation to make it sturdy. Her name was Rozafa, and that’s where the castle gets its name. Creepy, right? Now, apart from the eerie tale, the castle offers killer views of the Shkodra Lake, the Drin River, and the surrounding mountains. You can explore the medieval walls, climb up the towers, and basically, feel like you’ve stepped back in time. It’s a mix of history, a touch of spookiness, and stunning views rolled into one. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into that kinda stuff!

Rozafa Castle with views of the river and town below in Albania
Theth in Albania hidden gems you must visit
Theth mountain village in Albania


Imagine Theth in the Albanian Alps – it’s like a dream for nature lovers. Picture lush green valleys hugged by towering peaks, and clear rivers waltzing through the untouched scenery. In Theth, you’ll come across these cute old houses made of stone with red roofs, giving the place a charming vibe. The air is so fresh, and the meadows are alive with wildflowers in all sorts of vibrant colors, making it feel like a painting come to life. It’s almost unreal how beautiful it is – pure nature at its finest.

Stay in Theth

Beautiful places close to nature - in this photo: Bujtina Miqesia

Zvernec Monastery

Zvernec Monastery in Albania hidden gem

Zvernec Monastery is located on a small island in the Narta Lagoon in Albania. So, picture this: you’re surrounded by water and greenery, and then there’s this old monastery, looking all picturesque. The cool part is that you can reach it by a causeway, adding a bit of adventure to the journey. Now, the monastery itself has been around for ages, and it’s got that classic Byzantine architecture going on. You can explore the church, soak in the peaceful vibes, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. It’s like a hidden gem that not many folks know about, making it a perfect spot for a tranquil escape. If you’re into history, nature, and a bit of solitude, Zvernec Monastery is definitely worth a visit.

The Blue Eye (Syri i Kalter)

If you’re looking for an adventure, this is for you.  The Blue Eye is a mesmerizing natural spring near Saranda, surrounded by lush greenery. The water’s got these vibrant blue hues that’ll leave you in awe. It’s like a little piece of magic tucked away in nature. Now, this Blue Eye isn’t your regular spring—it’s in the southern part of Albania, close to the coastal town of Saranda. You’ll find it in a forested area, and the cool thing is that it’s not just a pretty sight; you can actually see the water bubbling up from the ground. It’s one of those places where nature shows off its dazzling colors and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

The blue eye in Albania for nature lovers and adventure seekers

The Mesi Bridge

Albania is home to the iconic “Lendërru Bridge,” also known as the “Ura e Mesit” or the “Middle Bridge.” This historic bridge is located in the city of Shkodra, spanning the Kir river. The Lendërru Bridge is notable for its unique design, featuring a large stone arch with a pedestrian walkway.

What sets this bridge apart is its historical significance and architectural charm. It provides not only a crossing point but also an opportunity to admire the craftsmanship of a structure that has withstood the test of time. When exploring Shkodra, consider including the Lendërru Bridge in your itinerary to experience a blend of history, culture, and architectural beauty.

Mesi bridge in Albania places you must see hidden gems

Ura e Mesit / Mesi Bridge that crosses the Kir River. Coordinates · 42°06′52″N 19°34′30″E / 42.1144°N 19.5749°E / 42.1144; 19.5749 – makes for some pretty cool photography…

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