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Affirm | Guide To Fly Now, Pay Later For USA Travelers

With affirm, US travelers have more travel options!

Affirm is currently available to USA residents only, but the good news is… they have plans to expand to the rest of the world. 

What is Affirm?

It is a payment method, allowing you to pay off your flight tickets in monthly installments. It is a loan agreement to travelers from the USA.

Terms & Conditions

  • The pay now, fly later plan is for example available to salaried employees, budget travelers, students, and backpackers.
  • Depending on the amount you spend, when you book your flight tickets, you have different re-payment options, varying from 3 months to 6 months, to 12 months.
  • On the same principle, interest is debited at a rate of 0 – 30% APR.
  • When you choose the pay now, fly later payment option, a super-fast credit check is done, and an instant decision is communicated.

More benefits from using Affirm

Flight tickets from CheapOair

Cash-strapped travelers are usually not able to benefit from travel specials.

By using the pay now, fly later payment option, you can save on your travel expenses. Granted, you need to consider the interest charge applicable to your booking. Then, compare the result with what you would have paid for a non-discounted flight.

In most instances, you will benefit by using the pay now, fly later payment option. Thus, you get to buy your flight tickets at their lowest price.

CheapOair partnered with Affirm. Now you can take CheapOair up on their flight specials AND stretch your travel budget. Even if you are not cash-strapped, you can use the payment option to proactively plan your trip months ahead of time.

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