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Discover the Magic of Christmas: Top Weekend Getaways for a Festive Escape

From Snowy Retreats to Charming Markets – Unwrap the Best Christmas Destinations for a Memorable Weekend Adventure

Not everyone can afford the luxury of a long Christmas vacation somewhere far far away…  Some of us have to work, or maybe we don’t want to travel across the world for Christmas…  So how about a festive weekend escape?  We have a few great Christmas weekend escape ideas for you.

Christmas Weekend Staycation vacation ideas last minute where to go what to do best ideas
Last Minute - 7 Christmas Weekend Escape Ideas

Don’t sit at home alone at Christmas time.  Travel and enjoy life.  Discover something new.  Enjoy something new.  Celebrate in a new way:

Winter Wonderland Escapes

If you’re living in Europe this is probably 1st prize.  Destinations that transform into magical winter wonderlands during the Christmas season. Villages with festive decorations, sparkling lights, and charming holiday markets.  Al packaged with bows and decorations on buildings, while the smell of the festive season hangs in the air…

Whether it’s skiing in the mountains or enjoying a cozy cabin retreat, this can be fun, although it is freezing outside.

Visit places like;
Visit Leavenworth Beautiful Bavarian village in Washington US Most beautiful place in America
  • Another one of our top recommendations is to visit Quebec in Canada during Christmas time.  So if you’re in Canada, or anywhere near, drop everything and book your Christmas weekend getaway in Quebec.  Christmas in Quebec is magical.
Most magical Christmas destinations Quebec Canada

Maybe a chance to the magical Arctic Circle with snow-covered landscapes, and reindeer safaris at Rovaniemi (Santa’s Village), as well as the chance to see the Northern Lights is only a weekend trip away from where you live.  So why not do it?

Or maybe the beautiful town of Hallstatt is only a few hours away from where you live…

Visit Hallstatt Is it worth a visit Why you should go Where to stay Things to do
Why you should visit Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland

Historical Christmas Charm

Explore cities or towns with a rich history and discover how they celebrate Christmas. Visit historical landmarks, experience their festive traditions, and the unique ways they bring history to life during the holiday season.

Visit Oberndorf during Christmas in Austria best Christmas travel destinations
Discover the charming place in Austria where the song "Silent Night" comes from.
Most Christmassy destinations in the world
Explore Christmassy destinations like Bethlehem, Rome, and Disneyland Florida.
Spend Christmas in New York best things to do and see Dyker Heights
History is made each year, with the Christmas tree. Visit the famous Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, New York.

Cozy Christmas Getaways

Spend Christmas in a cozy cabin

Think of destinations that offer a cozy and intimate atmosphere during the holiday season. How about a cabin in the mountains, charming bed and breakfasts, or historic inns with a festive ambiance?  Pack your Christmas tree and escape to a beautiful cabin somewhere…

Winter or summer, a cabin in the mountains is a magical and unique place to celebrate Christmas.

Best and perfect Log Cabin Stays holiday rentals lodges and more

Outdoor Adventure Christmas

For those who prefer an active holiday:

  • Winter destinations that offer outdoor activities like winter hiking, ice skating, or sleigh rides with a festive twist will be nice.
  • Summer destinations with beach holidays and summer fruit festivals, combined with outdoor braai or barbeque and fun.  How about South Africa?  If you live there, we have loads of ideas on where you can go:  Camps bay, Gordonsbay, HermanusGansbaai, or how about the Garden Route?  If you’re in Australia, how about Sydney or Perth?

Travel Tip(s)

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Best summer Christmas destinations in the world min.jpg
Celebrate Christmas in warm weather...
Christmas in Africa Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa with Recipes Seychelles
How about Christmas in Africa...
Christmas party ideas unique different something new this year the best ideas feeling alone without family top ideas for Christmas celebrations
Get some inspiration for your own Christmas party: For a stay at home weekend

Christmas Markets Extravaganzas

Villages, towns known for their enchanting Christmas markets. Discover their unique crafts, local treats, and holiday entertainment you can enjoy while shopping for the perfect gifts…

Yes, these markets can be very expensive, however it is mostly about the experience, the ambiance, and the fun of Christmas lights and finding the best streetfood.  Budapest is known to be one of the “cheaper options”. Experience the charm of a European Christmas market without breaking the bank, with affordable accommodations and festive activities.

Visit places like:

  • Cologne, Germany: Immerse yourself in the magic of Germany’s Christmas markets, with the Cologne Cathedral as a stunning backdrop.
  • Vienna, Austria: Wander through the grandeur of Vienna’s Christmas markets, known for their classical music performances and elegant atmosphere.
  • Prague, Czech Republic: Explore the charming Christmas markets in Prague’s Old Town Square, surrounded by historic architecture and festive lights.
The best Christmas markets in Austria and where to stay nearby
Magical Christmas Markets in Austria !
Best Accommodation and places to stay near the Best Christmas markets in Germany Book now All the info you need
Christmas in Germany - Fabulous markets !
Top Christmas Markets Top Christmas Markets to visit Christmas markets that have snow
Need snow?

Festive Culinary Delights

Explore destinations with a reputation for delicious holiday-themed foods.  Christmas markets, local bakeries, and restaurants that offer special seasonal treats and traditional holiday meals.

Visit places like:

  • Brussels, Belgium: Indulge in delectable Belgian chocolates, waffles, and festive treats at the Christmas markets throughout the city.
  • Naples, Italy: Experience the culinary delights of Naples with traditional Christmas sweets, pastries, and a festive Italian feast.
  • Barcelona, Spain: Enjoy a culinary journey with Catalan holiday dishes, festive markets, and traditional Spanish Christmas treats.
How to bake easy cupcakes american cuisine baking min
Make Christmas Cupcakes - Recipe >>
Christmas market shopping, budapest, hungary min
Celebrate Christmas in Budapest, Hungary

Explore the Extraordinary

  • Williamsburg, Virginia, USA: Step back in time to colonial America and experience Christmas traditions from the 18th century.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany: Explore a medieval town with well-preserved historical architecture and a festive Christmas market.
Outdoor Lake Tahoe Tree Mountain Landscape Nature California
  • Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, USA: Enjoy a white Christmas in the Sierra Nevada mountains with skiing, snowshoeing, and winter sports.

Adventures + Activities = Lifetime Memories:

  • Be different this year:  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be happy during Christmas.  Arrange to go stay with friends or family and in exchange for their hospitality, book a fabulous and memorable event you can all enjoy together.  Do a group booking online:

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