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Explore MIAMI BEAch

Miami Beach picked up the 2022 prestigious World Travel Awards for Best Leading City in North America. 

Miami Beach, the primary stretch of sand in the city, is a man-made island and used to be a deserted coconut grove plantation. Today, the most extensive collection of Art Deco buildings may be seen in Miami Beach. There are around eight hundred Art Deco structures on the seashore.

With at least sixty-plus distinct languages being spoken by its residents, the city is extremely diverse. There are at least 150 different ethnicities!

It’s also conveniently near to the luxurious city of Palm Beach, which is not even two hours away.

Great inventions

Sunscreen was created by a Miami Beach native. In 1944, Benjamin Green, a pharmacist, developed the practical mixture. Thanks to Benjamin Green’s invention, Miami Beach visitors can now safely protect themselves from the sun.

Interesting Facts

  • Since it rarely snows in the Sunshine City, you’ll find one of the biggest skiing clubs in the country here in what is also sometimes referred to as South Beach.
  • The Vizcaya Museum has a stunning orchid collection. In addition to the orchid collection, they have artwork displays older than 2,000 years. No wonder they have more than 170,000 visitors every year!
  • It is the only city in the country whose boundaries include not one, but two distinct national parks. Namely the Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park.
  • And if treasure hunting is one of your interests… Pirates like Blackbeard and Gasparilla are said to have left a lot of valuables in the neighboring seas!

15 Best Things to do

Best Tours to Miami, Florida

You’ve come to the perfect place if you enjoy taking cruises. The world’s largest cruise port is in Miami. It’s not surprising that people refer to the Port of Miami as “The Cruise Capital of the World” given that it serves five million passengers annually.

Cheapest Flights

The nearest airport to Miami Beach is Miami Airport (MIA). Flixbus US operates a bus from Fort Lauderdale International Airport to Miami Beach five times per week.

Top Hotels in Miami Beach

Stay at “The American Riviera” and take advantage of the neon lights, palm trees, vibrant nightlife, foreign tourists, and several architectural hotspots. It’s a fantastic location for ‘stargazing’. Every day, celebrities from the United States and other countries visit Miami Beach.